Best Buy Xbox One midnight store opening locations

Though Microsoft has yet to announce the official release date for the Xbox One, retailers are beginning their midnight launch preparations.

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gaelic_laoch1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Midnight launch is perfect for those who don't want people seeing them buying an X Ɛ==3!

Convas1877d ago

Right out of the gate.

This is why we can't have nice things.

SITH1877d ago

Well that is trolling if I ever seen it.

I will be sitting in a chair right in front of GameStop about 1pm the day before launch.

airgangstarr1877d ago

WHY? would u sit out there for 11 hrs wakin up at 10 am the next day walkin in grabbing it an walkin right out is such a better deal even jsu showin up at like 1 am at gamestop isnt bad lines will be down by then for sure

UnholyLight1877d ago

Anyone who says Xbone really is just making a fool of themselves.

cell9891877d ago

no xbone is easier to say, and suits them well for coming up with such a stupid name for a console

gaelic_laoch1877d ago

MS choose a name that can be easily mocked!

Dread1877d ago

What bothers me is that he has so many bubbles and he never gets removed by the so called "unbiased" n4g administrators

If i call out a sony fanatic i get banned immediately this is a joke

XboxFun1877d ago

I got dinged once for trolling and lost a bubble instantly. After that I got two "well saids" and not one bubble added.
I mark people for trolling and nothing happens, it really does seem like if you don't have a certain popular preference on this site you will be given no power.

gaelic_laoch1877d ago

Ahhhhh come on have a sense of humour! I honestly think the XBOX ONE has a great future ahead but it is too easy a target to make a few jokes about!
If people did not take these things so serious we would all be alot happier!

cell9891877d ago

hahahaha!!! #darkfetishes #buyersremorse #guiltypleasures

THamm1877d ago

gaelic_laoch is on a roll;

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ThanatosDMC1877d ago

Yawn.... so what about PS4 midnight launch. Cant wait to take pics of the many early PS4 adopters just like when Skyrim launched.

lastofgen1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I don't understand you.
You obviously have no interest in any aspect regarding the xbox one. Yet, you go into an xbox one article, express your disinterest towards the console, and openly show your enthusiasm for the ps4.

Why are you even in here, commenting let alone even visiting this submission??

OT: Thankfully, the bestbuy near me is hosting midnight launch for the x1. Should be a great night.

cell9891877d ago

good luck with that shit, camping out for at least 3 days required if you want one midnight. Ill stick with my Amazon preorder

airgangstarr1877d ago

word!!! an i hear we might even get it early from amazon like the night of launch from amazon

Williamson1877d ago

Not sure I'd feel safe going to a midnight launch for the ps4/X1. Any security present during midnight launches?

ThanatosDMC1877d ago

Hmmm... F*ck. You make a good point. The neighboring area is slightly ghetto but you never know who might come up behind you in the parking lot. Thanks.

PSnation41877d ago

lol i will just wait the day after.. im not waiting on line at midnight with hundreds of people.. and i dont want to get stabbed and robbed XD.. i will take my chances in the morning

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