Knytt Underground’s Infinity Hype update to be a console exclusive on Wii U

Knytt Underground’s Infinity Hype update has confirmed to be exclusive to Wii U on consoles.

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Imonaboat11879d ago

Thats because wii u has no hype whatsoever xD

multiplatformed1879d ago

poor choices have hindered the wii u from the get go. i want nintendo to succeed in every aspect and even I have my doubts about this console.

BullyMangler1879d ago

saLes will never determine success < fact

the wiiU is so successful, that even sony cant stop copying its features (:

slimeybrainboy1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

This game really annoyed me.

sdozzo1879d ago

I liked the game upon release. I played it on Vita. Cool title.

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