Five of the Best Video Game World Maps

Below are five maps that are beloved by gamers the world over. Each map is exceptional in design, and also serves as a great guide to those who delve into the world of its respective game.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA3925d ago

Like the Zelda mention, although, A Link to the Past looked much cooler with its kick ass 16-bit visuals. I'm also a sucker for the FFVII over world and its hurricane shaped land masses.

3-4-53925d ago

Glad to see DQ9 on there. Great game.

tacotruck3925d ago

Glad there are other fans as well.

breakpad3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

they forgot monster hunter world the prettiest by far from all those which are referred here

TenBensons3924d ago

I like this list glad to see Morrowind up there. I lost sooo many hours in that map, finding all the little nooks and cranny's. It's funny seeing it again and realising how much of the map the ash lands took up.

tacotruck3924d ago

There is no feeling greater than that of your first steps about the expansive world of morrowind


Ranking Every Elder Scrolls Game From Worst to Best

Created by Bethesda Softworks, The Elder Scrolls is hailed as one of the most groundbreaking RPG franchises.

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babadivad122d ago

If they have Skyrim number one, list has lost all credibility.


Where the Heck is Ni No Kuni 3, Mun?

Matt from We Game Daily writes: "Cross Worlds isn’t going away. It’s making a small fortune, particularly in Asian markets, so there’s no reason for Level-5 to pull the plug. That said, there’s no real reason why a full PC/console sequel can’t be developed alongside efforts to support Cross Worlds."

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Relientk77135d ago

While Ni no Kuni 3 would be cool, if it was like the first game, where is Dark Cloud 3 and Rogue Galaxy 2?

phoenixwing135d ago

I thought the dev recently went mobile and Japan only. They shut down their American offices. So don't expect anything for consoles

shinoff2183134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I swear they just announced a few new games.


phoenixwing134d ago

I stand corrected then. Never heard about these games and also i just remember ni no kuni online being mobile only.

Michiel1989134d ago

they said a loooooong time ago that Level 5 was working on a new installment but there has been no news since afaik. I just hope that they take more inspiration from 1 than 2, especially when it comes to the story.

thorstein134d ago

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is the mobile game you're thinking of.

It looks amazing but I don't like to play mobile games.

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-Foxtrot134d ago

Yeah the sequel was okay but had nothing on the first game, especially the battle system.

The story just didn't have that charm and even the twist at the end of the game wasn't really anything cool like Wrath of the White Witch.

Also the fact there was like ZERO mention of Oliver or his adventures in the game, no references, nothing was such weird. It's set a hundred or so years after but still, I'd have expected to seen some throw backs. I think we just got like a temple with his statue in it or something.

goldwyncq134d ago

If you want more Oliver, just watch the movie.

shinoff2183134d ago

Fking word. I've been hoping for this for quite some time.

melons134d ago

The premium games didn't sell amazingly, right?

shinoff2183134d ago

Not to sure. They should of though. They were pretty good. I like both.

Michiel1989134d ago

yeah, especially outside of japan. They should have released on pc at the same time as the ps3 version or a short time after.

Inverno134d ago

They should've worked with Ghibli to put out a proper movie. Should've also made a Pokemon-esque spin-off rather than make Yokai Watch. If they do make a third game they gotta work with Ghibli!


How to play Link's Awakening DX HD on Steam Deck

Here's how to get a new fan made PC port of Nintendo classic Link's Awakening running on Valve's Steam Deck.

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