The Motherboard Buyers' Guide

The motherboard is an integral part of the enthusiast computer. It's no wonder then that the motherboard is often one of the most examined, anxiety-packed and generally confusing purchases for a new whiz-bang high end enthusiast masterpiece.

Throughout this article Atomic PC will be exploring what features mark the difference between a good, bad and downright shocking motherboard. They will help you learn to guide yourself through the minefield of boards available to find the gem on the other side. Not only that, they will explain why certain features will help your choice be the strongest possible 'central nervous system' for your PC.

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Charlie26883841d ago

If you are planning on buying a Mobo my best recommendation is a GIGABYTE one and if you are planning on buying a low end one the GIGABYTE are even MORE recommend since the have the premium quality only found in the high end of other brands, plus they are one of THE most durable and resistant brand of mobos there are :)

vilmer3841d ago

I've been using Asus for many, many years now. Maximus Formula is totally awesome :) Everyone has their own "team" eh :P

S1nnerman3841d ago

how to build my own PC :(

bourner3841d ago

screw and push the hardware togeather , plug things in and go .

just got my asus p5n-t duluxe

vilmer3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Yep, it's super simple. And it's also fun putting together your own fresh new rig :P

On another note, who the hell has 'disagreed' with these posts??? WTF. Somebody actually bothered to disagree with someone who wished they knew how to build a PC. lol.

Charlie26883841d ago

Its not really that hard, now a days its actually easier than it was a couple years ago and todays parts have MASSIVE pictures in the instruction of the step by step that even a child could understand and put together (probably the most complicated part for a n00b would be attaching the mobo to the case the rest its like putting legos together)

also the sense of accomplishment from building and using your own rig is unmatched :)

Antan3840d ago

Maximus Formula for me.