Why Pre-Ordering Games is a Good Idea

An argument in favor of pre-ordering video games in response to an earlier article on the same site which suggested paying for games in advance is a waste of time.


"Recently, my cohort Jeremy wrote an article about how pre-ordering games is "a waste of time." We here at The Exploding Barrel encourage healthy debate, and as someone who frequently pre-orders his video games, I thought it would be an oportune time to chime in and present my take on the matter. Jeremy has voiced the opinion of the casual gamer… now let's hear the other, hardcore side of the coin."

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machete squad steve3839d ago

A gaming ritual which says "I am a rabid fan of this title", and I will show support just short of those tards camping out for two weeks.

Plus the extra swag they give to pre-orders is nice.

Gazman3838d ago

Too true, plus you will have a far better chance of getting your game. I saw some guy cry because he missed out on halo 3 legendary, so freaking funny

RecSpec3838d ago

Swag is the number one reason, unless it is a niche title.

devilhunterx3838d ago

which says why pre-ordering Games "maybe" a good idea... sheesh

solar3838d ago

hehe. no doubt. and then "maybe" playing it once you buy it.

M_Prime3838d ago

at the end he mentions downloading games.. funny thing.. if u are a PC user u should know STEAM, and there you can PRE DOWNLOAD the game so when its actually 'released' all u have to do is "launch game"

so pre ordering will always exist.. and even when downloading u get PERKS.. when HL2:EP2 came out with TF2 if you PRE-BOUGHT the game you had TF2 like 2 weeks early! i mean that sold it to me. (ORANGE BOX)

INehalemEXI3838d ago

Good point. I just wish when you pre order console games from any store that they actually shipped them before the release date so they arrived on the release date. I think thats only fair you know.

jaja14343838d ago

Well there is bit of difference between having a large file pre-downloaded which could save you hours as opposed to pre-ordering a game which saving you minutes at best.

donalbane3838d ago

Yeah, I totally am familiar with STEAM... it's my preffered way to buy games, actually. I merely suggested that STEAM is going to be the model for how everyone buys ALL games in the future. Hell, all media will be online, and stores will be relics for your grandparents.

Mikey_Gee3838d ago

give folks like EB of GS our money far in advance so they can use these profits toward investment gains and make large chunks of $$$ with our Pre-Order money.

And as a reward they rape us trade in value

longduckdong3838d ago

but the average game doesn't get stocked like the mega-hit so if you really want a copy you should pre-order

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The story is too old to be commented.