10 Cheats We Want in GTAV

CCC Says: "Cheat codes have changed a lot from the olden days. Or, at least, it seems that way. I remember a time when the cheat code was the way that you got through some games. It didn’t affect your saves; it gave you just enough of an edge to clobber your way through bits of a game that may have been handing you your…well, you get the picture. The good news is that Rockstar Games has continued its tradition of adding cheat codes into its Grand Theft Auto games. We are making the bold assumption that GTA V will be no different. So we took it upon ourselves to come up with a list of cheats that we would like to see present in GTA V."

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HolyDuck1873d ago

I hope cheats are phased out.

San Andreas was a much smaller game, had no online and thus cheats added a new way to play.

GTA IV was bland and mediocre at best, but it had online that you could hang out with, cheating made single player fun.

GTA V has a huge scale too it, dozens of vehicles to choose from and multiplayer which is looking very promising, certainly doesn't need cheats in my opinion.

ATi_Elite1873d ago

The PC version of San Andreas has Online gameplay

HolyDuck1873d ago

It's an unofficial mod.

Wintersun6161873d ago

If you ask me, there are lots of things many games don't need. Doesn't mean including more things can't make the game better. I see absolutely no harm in including cheats that can lead to hilarious situations and random goofing around like in GTA SA.

inmusicutrust1873d ago

But if I want a tank or a military plane I shouldn't have to break into the base to steal it just to destroy it in five minutes. I cannot imagine they will remove the cheat codes, they turn the world into a playground and give you all the toys to play in it.

LOL_WUT1873d ago

Super punch, god mode and that GTA3 cheat code "gore". ;)

Psychotica1873d ago

Not sure if the streets will be overpopulated with cops or not but I would love a way to turn them off outside of the missions. Sometimes I want to just goof off without the cops annoying the shit out of me.

Wintersun6161873d ago

True. IIRC you could do that in SA. It was quite fun, but imagine how much more fun it could be with the vastly improved physics in GTA V.

brianunfried1873d ago

Cheats are for Bungholes.

koh1873d ago

Well it sure is a good thing that Rockstar has never made cheats mandatory.

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The story is too old to be commented.