Microsoft now plans Xbox One voice control in 10 launch markets

Another Xbox One-80 sees Microsoft doubling the number of countries that will get Xbox One voice commands. Some things still won't work in every market.

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darthv721874d ago

interesting in trying to say this is a 180. Generally that would imply what was going to happen now isnt. So if there was a 180 then instead of it launching in 5 markets the 180 would be no markets.

this isnt a 180 in that regard....this is more of a x2 as in they just doubled from 5 to 10 markets.

gaffyh1874d ago

That localization BS doesn't make sense for why they're not launching in more countries in Europe. Switzerland for example, they speak German, Italian, French, English. Why isn't the Xbone releasing there?

They could just come out and say that these places aren't as important, but the localization BS is just stupid.

zeal0us1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

My guess MS just figure out English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese are commonly use in other places than just their country of origin.

ThanatosDMC1874d ago


Probably lack of consoles or they're racist. Hahahhah... no, it might be some importation thing that we dont know about.

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PSVita1874d ago

Right after Sonys announcement 0.o

Themba761874d ago

just like they will eventually make the kinect optional watch you'll see that im right. at this point it's just common sense.

andrewsqual1874d ago

The Kinect is optional now. You are still forced into buying it but you don't actually need it anymore.

HolyDuck1874d ago

Everyone calls it a 180, but isn't it just... developing their software etc

Agreed, it seems REALLY odd that it suddenly works in 10 countries but damn, it isn't a 180 everytime they do something for good.

Godmars2901874d ago

Given the number of 180s they've done, its only natural that the term would stick on almost everything they do.

XboxFun1874d ago

Well if their 180 benefits their users then I'm all for it.

gaelic_laoch1874d ago

Your right its more of a 720

bjmartynhak1874d ago

MS is going Tony Hawk!

But hey, they should be more careful announcing things that can change in the same week

threefootwang1874d ago

Sounds more like a...360 if you catch my drift ;) lol

slimeybrainboy1874d ago

A month later you announce you've expanded the Kinect support that's not a 180.

But a couple days after announcing 5, changing your answer to 10, how is that time for development?

Unless Phil Spencer lost the floppy disc with the code on and found it a couple days later this is at least 45 degree or right angle.

theWB271874d ago

Or it could they're working hard to get this stuff implemented in as many places as possible before launch. Sometimes it is something very simple that can get a product to function.

Seriously, why can't it be anything other than they are working to get this stuff right before launch? There's no telling how close they are to getting the other languages functioning.

n4rc1874d ago

Was it really an announcement?

I can't remember how it came about.. But I don't recall it being more then a report that may have had dated info..

Hard to imagine theyd announce themselves 5 languages when another 5 were close to being done..

Hicken1874d ago

Why not give a noncommittal response first, instead of a definite number?

"We're having some voice recognition software delays, so it may not be available for ALL countries at launch. We're working to change that, but currently, we have about ten countries that will be supported at or right around launch."

It's a 180 because they keep turning around the things they say. Even if it's a 180 of a 180. This, though, is more like a 90.

Drekken1874d ago

Your avatar really fits your N4G persona. Good job!

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Kayant1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

In their defensive it's not really a 180 it was just not explained well on

MasterCornholio1874d ago

Microsoft is terrible at explaining things.

Remember their previous DRM policies and the amount of versions that we got from Microsoft?

They really need to work on their communication with the public.

Dlacy13g1874d ago

OMG... 180 is clearly the buzz word for people trying to generate views on their articles.

New policy for put 180 in your title or summary ....not reading.

HolyDuck1874d ago

Pretty sure at this point if MS added a new game to the launch line-up it would be coined a 180 because it differs from their original announcements.

Drekken1874d ago

HolyDuck, you should step away from the gamer news for a bit. It is obviously getting to you on a personal level. Maybe some time off would do you good.

Every little bit of criticism MS is getting is 100% warranted. I think it is more warranted than the crap Sony got with the PS3 release. You may be too young to remember that.

n4rc1873d ago

But you can't criticize Sony... That's all completely unfair.. They are perfect

But bash Microsoft all you want.. They deserve it... And despite making billions of dollars, they can't do anything right and do nothing but lie and ruin any industry they enter..


jackanderson19851874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

so it's not going to work in Ireland? but it will work in the UK and the US and other english speaking countries? that makes no sense what so ever

although how does adding countries equal a 180? that's going to be the buzz word for the xbox one super duper

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