Is PS Home Headed to the PS4? This Image Gives Us Hope

"Over the past few months we've been wondering if PlayStation Home will be making its way to PS4, which makes sense because it is surprisingly heavily visited by a large amount of people even to this day in America and Europe (even though today we learned it wasn't as much of a hit in Asia), is still constantly updated with content every two weeks, and brings a lot of money to Sony, so it would only make sense that it would come to the PS4, right? We have yet to get any word from Sony on the matter ever since the PS4 reveal but today something has caught our eye."

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HolyDuck1876d ago

Isn't playstation home that thing full of microtransactions for clothing & furniture?

If they do bring it over, they need to at least add benefits for playing games into it, spending cash on virtual furniture isn't my thing but if I won some decent stuff in it, I might actually use it.

MariaHelFutura1876d ago

Playstation Home if done properly on the PS4 could be much much better due to the social elements of the PS4 and stronger hardware to run it. If used properly it can be a great hub housing clan activities, no furnishings required.

abzdine1876d ago

if they do then i hope they will give it some extra value so people can have a reason to go there, like trophy trading etc...
i hope it's coming to PS4 with possibility to use Gaikai for cross connection between all devices.

badboy7761876d ago

Bigger Question Will you need PS+ to use it or will it be behind a paywall???

CocoWolfie1876d ago

exactly getting together with friends to talk to go bowling, to play and explore :) its actually good on ps3, needs some improvments and my guess is if it comes to ps4, itll be much better :p

sonarus1876d ago

I agree the micro transactions stuff is BS. Home is too slow though to be useful it needs to essentially redesigned. It has potential though but potential doesnt guarantee results.

As of now no interest in home

1876d ago
clmstr1876d ago

@badboy776, I always thought the term "paywall" is more related to Xbox One rather than PS4.

kreate1876d ago

I agree w clmstr

Without asking any questions.

If Microsoft made a ps home, it'll be behind a paywall.

If sony does it, we know its free.

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pedrof931876d ago

Have you heard of a game called "Second Life" or "Habbo" ?

It's the same thing see. You can enjoy the game without spending a single dime.

Jiggins991876d ago

omg, i havn't played habbo in years, i made a virtual fortune on that by entering people's free giveaway competitions

SkippyPaccino1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

You can use playstation home and have fun for free. You just get at a point where if you want it to stay fresh you gotta spend some cash... and I did.

I met tons of cool peeps on home. Video chat with lots of ladies, exchanging pics and other mischievous things of that nature ;-) ...The best part about home is that it's populated by over 55% ladies(some are kids so be kind) that like playing playstation games inside of home and out.

The biggest misconception people have with home is the loading times? when you've downloaded a room, you won't have to redownload it till they updated it or if you just haven't visited that area in a while (gets bumped off your list of allowable hard drive space needed to use home) usually won't have long load times when switching from spot to spot. The bigger hard drive space you reserve for home. The smoother it will run

I kinda drifted away from it years ago, but I still keep in contact with peeps i've met on home. If its on ps4 I will definitely check it out


Yeah, Home had its moments... Anyone remember running around for clues, browsing the net for info and joining with friends to solve puzzles in Xi? When would anyone tell butterfly hunt could be that fun? And that party at Jess's apartment was actually not bad!

logan_izer101876d ago

I see that you get lots of disagrees HolyDuck even though I agree with you here. Perhaps changing your profile pic would help, it instantly makes me want to disagree with you for some reason. Not trying to be a jerk, just sayin.

HolyDuck1876d ago

I prefer not to hide behind little characters, if people want to disagree because of a picture then it just goes to show how immature the people on N4G can be, I'll stick to my picture, thanks for the advice though.

pedrof931876d ago


You are a true Hero.

God bless you.

FlameHawk1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Wow what is with you? First you complain about PS fanboys trolling on Xbox articles and now I see you on every PS article.

How is it different from Xbox avatars? Full of micro transactions for clothing.

And for PS Home you cans till enjoy it without micro transactions. I actually used Home when they had Killzone 3 mini games and they rewarded us with in-game items, I really hope they do that for the PS4.

HolyDuck1876d ago

FlameHawk, are you stalking me?

Please point me to all the Xbox Avatar posts on N4G, and I'll happily complain about them too.

Just because I seem to "bash" the PS4 a lot does not automatically make me an XBox Fanboy, you have such a childish mentality thinking that.

I quite clearly stated that if they allowed me to win stuff I'd use it, hey, doesn't using it... mean I have to have a PS3? Oh right, it does... So, I'm going to continue to criticize a service I would use if they changed it, sorry for having an unbiased opinion, sorry for dissing your microtransactions, sorry for not complying to your one console limit.

Also, FlameHawk, notice how my point to changing it was allowing you to win ingame stuff in Playstation Home, Xbox allow you to win clothing in the Avatar system, so please, go back to your whiny little ways.

FlameHawk1876d ago

ROFL? Stalking you? You are in the first comment in most of the PS articles I see. All I have to do is check your comments which takes like 10 seconds to see if you are a Xbox fanboy or PS fanboy. Troll more.

Maddens Raiders1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

"Isn't playstation home that thing full of microtransactions for clothing & furniture?"

Depends on what you mean by "full of". If that's all you want to do, then there's plenty of that, but there's also a ton and I mean a ton of other things to do in HOME not the least of which is playing a smorgasbord of mini games, exclusive activities with exclusive rewards, and meet many many fellow gamers and just interesting people.

I for one really want Sony to release HOME onto the PS4 with (trophy) support this time please!

Nes_Daze1876d ago

Those mini games are terrible, Home needs to be more than a little playhouse.

Omegasyde1876d ago

I can see the benefits for Home, HOWEVER I rather Sony spend the development and upkeep on something else such as a new Motorstorm/Socom/Syphon Filter/Jet Moto/8 Days/Wip3out+/MAG2.0/JakandDex ter/DestructionDerby/Siren/Heav enlySword2/Thelastgaurdian etc.

CGI-Quality1876d ago

I agree with the consensus, regardless of what you're a fan of, you always find yourself in PlayStation articles being negative. It gets old.

OT: I had almost lost hope for Home on PS4, but if it heads to it, it would add immense value to the package!

Nes_Daze1876d ago

Yes, it's Sony's Second Life, and they've put a bunch of little mini games in there to make up for the lack of its relevance to gaming, which are all horrible. Xi2 for example, which I spent money on, was terrible, easily one of the worst "games" I've ever played.

JackStraw1876d ago

when's the last time you used ps home?

GribbleGrunger1876d ago

Well done on ruining what could have been an interesting conversation. You're pretty good at that.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

all ur comments are sony trolling.. why??

Not one good thing..

Don't hate on the king just bow down..

aceitman1876d ago

ps home has made sony a lot of money there will not be a paywall , its a money maker already. and they have made it into a great thing. think of it as a free to play game .

iamnsuperman1876d ago

Bit of both really. There is that micro transactions element but I haven't bought a single thing from playstation home. I don't need to. Spending cash on virtual items may not be your thing (nor mine) but a lot of people like doing that. So why not have it for them who do like it. It isn't like you pay to use Home anyway

SmokingMonkey1876d ago

I remember Phil Harrison talking up Home for years!

How times have changed, no?

syanara1875d ago

Hope? More like Fear! lol PS Home just doesnt do it for me and the diminishing users on it should prove that it is not the direction Sony should be headed with their console and they need to stop spending resources on an unnecessary service.

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clewis941876d ago

If you guys go the full story, the top image in the post is the original and the bottom is the edited, fits perfect.

Godmars2901876d ago

I have to question it because they're not allowing new content on JP Home and might be planning to stopping all Asia Home areas.

yellowgerbil1876d ago

just like another screen with a cutoff of what looks like hot shots golf on ps4. Both I would believe to be coming, even if neither are announced. Neither are real big announcements so could be something saved for right before launch to get some last minute headlines.

krontaar1876d ago

Please no, leave that awful thing to die.

ExPresident1876d ago

I disagreed with you because clearly tons of people are enjoying it. Just because it isn't for you, and while I agree it isn't for me, doesn't mean someone isn't enjoying it.

Shang-Long1876d ago


I used it to host chats with my family members in different states. It sounds strange lol but it was really cool.

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