Why the Nintendo 2DS is Poised to Fail

The Nintendo 2DS was announced not a day ago, to the surprise of everyone. Literally no one (aside from the shadowy people who chair Nintendo's board of directors) knew it was coming.

That's just one of the main reasons why the 2DS isn't likely to succeed: it's something no one asked for.

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Anon19741874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

This article is crazy talk. I have no doubt these things are going to be flying off the shelves this Christmas. Parent's looking for a cheaper handheld for their kids can look at this, say "Meh. I don't think little Timmy needs his games in 3D," and save themselves some cash. It's as simple as that. This guy may scoff at the $40 difference in price, but when you're buying Christmas presents for a family, $40 is no insignificant amount.

I'm rather amazed that so many sites aren't seeing the appeal of this. Did the success of the Wii teach them nothing? Price matters for families. I wasn't even looking at a 3ds for my little guy but I was considering getting him a cheap tablet for Christmas. Now I'm seriously mulling over if he's old enough for the 2DS instead as the price is right and it seems a bit more robust.

Bimkoblerutso1874d ago

It's not necessarily that the appeal ISN'T there. It's that the people that it is meant to appeal to are the most likely to misunderstand what it is, and the people who understand exactly what it is, it won't really appeal to.

Brand confusion seems to be a MAJOR problem for Nintendo with this generation of consoles.

Maybe they'll market it well enough that it will indeed sell well, but Nintendo isn't exactly known for outlining their intentions clearly.

colonel1791874d ago

For the average gamer-the ones who say 3DEES and 2DEES and confuse Wii U and Wii- will be even more confusing that the games will still be branded 3DS. So I guess that they won't know exactly what to do.

Ritsujun1874d ago

The Nintendawg 2DSinker.

Kevlar0091874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I love the part when he talks about how a 6-7 year old (the target audience), when he/she gets a 2DS for Christmas thinks "Wow, what cheap parents". Well if it's either a 2DS or a 0DS the choice seems pretty clear

3-4-51874d ago

Does this article writer get fired when he is proven ignorant and 100% completely wrong ?

tristanwerbe1874d ago

it will do good, does not mean it is good

come_bom1874d ago

Playing the games from the 3DS on a cheaper 2DS! It will sell like hot cakes.

4logpc1874d ago

The price alone will make it sell.

Subzero2001874d ago

"Why the Nintendo 2DS is Poised to Fail"

rightt just like the 3ds failed.

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