New Forza 2 Video.

New Forza 2 vid.

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BIadestarX4465d ago

No fanboy comments yet? I am sure that some one will come and bash this game.

power of Green 4465d ago

Can't believe this games only 60% complete. This is going to be big and will bring more people in the gaming world just as the first one did. I know plenty of people that did not buy a Xbox untill Forza came out.

Maddens Raiders4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

I think the course is Tsukuba, but I can't really tell. Here ya go bladestar. Kaz Yamauchi called me this morning and said, "Nice try; Forza has been putting forth a decent effort. What with all the things they borrowed from Polyphony and all - it better look good! But there's still only 1 Real Driving Simulator".

Will that suffice as a fanboy comment or do you still think I should throw away all of my Gran Turismo's; and wait for Forza???

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Bill Gates4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

This is for real. My older brother bought a PS1, and it came with a demo game that included Gran Turismo. I fell hard for the game so much that I went out that same day and bought a PS1 for myself along with the game. I've loved the series ever since. My only reason for buying a PS2 was for Gran Turismo 3, and my only reason for buying a PS4 still remains Gran Turismo. It is without a doubt for ME, the best game of all time. I've bought every single one on launch day with the exception of the first one. I bought Forza for the xbox but sorry guys it just didn't do anything for me so I returned it. I still play GT4 on a more than regular basis, and will continue to do so until the next one comes.

I'm hooked on drifting.......It's the best! and thank you for reading my rant.

I welcome bubbles :) .....hahahahaha

Maddens Raiders4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Dude, no doubt. I really am not trying to disrespect anyone, but
I C A N N O T imagine how many hours of my life I've spent playing this crazy game. Of course I'm talking about a college experiment gone mad - "Gran Turismo".
Fu+n ridiculous. Just because I'm a little tired and don't feel like typing an essay right now, I'll keep it short in regard to my last rampage with this game, because I could talk for days about this rotten game. It was the summer of 2004 and I had just bought GT-4 with the L-Tech wheel. I went over to my cousin's house and basically camped out there for about 2 months (he's a fanatic too). All we did was jam on two screen / two game sessions via LAN and single plays - everyday (baked to death). It was exhausting. Circuit de La Sarthe I & II for 24 hueres du Le Mans. 24 hours dude!! And we didn't direct either! No way - We were on the wheels shiftin' & ROCKIN! We even went shopping for special wooden tables for our "dashboard" setups. It was awesome. I still play way too much, but haven't had sessions like those in a while. I mean people would come over and ask to play, but we really didn't want to get off and ususally didn't. It really pisses my girlfriend off now when she sees me fire it up, so I have to sneak in little sessions now like a freakin' addict. Like I said, Fu+n ridiculous. I believe other games actually pay "it" homage by designing like, kind, and quality games after GT. This has to be awfully flattering to Kaz and crew. They are simply OBSESSED with cars. Their lives are poured into every drop of the game and you can feel it from the license tests, to the 172nd lap at Suzuka. And as much time as he and his crew spend on the "Gran Turismo" series - - their just making things considerably worse for me!! I dread GT-5. I mean my girlfriend is kinda hot, but....LOL

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oh yeah...Bubbles -wee..!!!!

Eternal E 8084465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

this game is starting to shape up well,im guessing the damage system is working out after all.

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