Nintendo Falls Most Since May After Wii U Price Cut: Tokyo Mover

Nintendo Co. (7974) fell the most since May after the company cut the price of its Wii U video-game console by $50 as it attempts to boost sales in the months before competing machines are released.

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jameson123451879d ago

Eh, the stock market can be weird a lot of the time.

jameson123451879d ago

This makes me think about what happened when the Xox one was announced.

jameson123451879d ago

Ugh, I misspelled Xbox....

SilentNegotiator1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Yeah, sometimes investors lose confidence when you send them mixed messages; weird. 'No need for a price drop', less than a month later you make that drop.

You either prove that you have a winning strategy plan (or at least make it look convincing), or lose people.

R00bot1878d ago

I think the price drop was Nintendo's way of trying to keep the Wii U in stores, since many stores were already selling them at a way lower price than the recommended one, and the retailers were taking a loss with every console they sold.

This way the retailers get to keep the console at that price (or close enough to it) without taking a loss on the console.

Before this, the retailers were the ones taking the loss on the consoles, not Nintendo. Now the retailers wont feel the need to stop selling it because they're still making money from it.

It's confusing, but it makes sense. Retailers were already dropping the console because of the sales (and they were losing money for every sale).

3-4-51879d ago

That is the thing. These investors don't know a damn thing about video games, so they rely on "inside" knowledge which is basically some person advising them when to input and pull their money.

It's stupid really.

A bunch of idiots who don't know anything about anything, but they possess all the money to make anything happen.

Nintendo's stock will rise again once these games are released.

I would buy Nintendo stock now, because once 3D world ships, and Mario Kart, and Legend of Zelda, & Super Smash Brothers gits, + Pokemon, their stock is going to rise a lot!

SilentNegotiator1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Wii U production costs didn't likely dive $50 in less than a year, so they're likely losing more money.

Nintendo told investors that they had "no plans" to cut price about two months ago, told us there was no need for a price drop weeks ago because their games are just so awesome, and now the Wii U's price is cut less than a year after launch.

Oh yeah, investors need INTIMATE knowledge about vidya gaems to know that things are just swell with Nintendo.

btw, you don't seem to know what "inside knowledge" is when it comes to investing. Try googling it and don't ever invest based on it unless you like prison.

"I would buy Nintendo stock now, because once 3D world ships, and Mario Kart, and Legend of Zelda, & Super Smash Brothers gits, + Pokemon, their stock is going to rise a lot!"

I would reconsider that statement if I were you, after looking into stock data from the Gamecube era.

Shnazzyone1879d ago

I'm more thinking it was the launch of the 2ds more than the wii U price drop.

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solidworm1879d ago

Nintendos only hope is MS spinning off the XBOX division and getting out of the console business, otherwise they are fighting for a lowly 2nd place this gen.

SpecialSauce1879d ago

hah! get real. they will be third to first the ps4 and THEN the xbox. quit playin like Sony isn't @*#$ing MS so hard right now

solidworm1879d ago

Keep smokin that shit brah, it gives you a lovely glow even though it is addling your mind:}

DestinyHeroDoomlord1878d ago

Wow you must be pretty hardcore, please tell me more. ..

SpecialSauce1878d ago

yeah whatevs, i got more agrees :] thats because more people like playstation which shows more people will buy it which shows xbox sucks. Sony 1ST as always @solidworm

DarkHeroZX1878d ago

lol if pre order data is any indicator then yes PS4 is kicking ass. the X1 is even beint outpaced in the US by the PS4. WW PS4 is shit stomping MS.

R00bot1878d ago

I actually expect the Wii U to outsell the Xbox One at launch.

PS4 will probably be in the lead, but who knows, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will be coming out and that could upset the balance.

RicardJulianti1878d ago

Even with the high demand, I just don't see the PS4 catching up to the Wii U this year....maybe not even until after March.

If you meant this holiday season...then yeah I can see that, but there's no way they are getting almost 4m consoles out and sold before the holidays are done. The Wii was stupid cheap to produce, was sold out from Day 1 and it only managed like....3m something by the end of December.

And doesn't really matter who "wins" a generation. It's not like there's some trophy they get or anything like that. Nintendo will profit on the Wii U regardless of what place they are in...just like they did with the Gamecube.

Gamers win console wars, not companies.

SilentNegotiator1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

That's what happens when you tell the public that your product doesn't need a price drop to sell and then drop it a few weeks later; investors hate mixed messages.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1879d ago

I love Nintendo-
But you are exactly correct.
(“Intelligent” Vote to You)

The Stock Market right now because of the rumors of war in Syria,
they freak-out when a Government think of knew commerce laws,
and they freak-out when a CEO even whispers thinking about retiring-

So yes,
The price drop gave the impression of weakness to the cautious (sometimes overly cautious) investors.

TruthbeTold1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

All of the investors who are consumed with short term gains at any cost need to F off anyway.

SpiralTear1879d ago

I find it sad that many of the people who are shaping the gaming money market are people who do not understand or even play video games.

R00bot1878d ago

Yes, if they understood that Mario Kart Smash Bros., X, Mario 3D World, DKC: TF, and that Yarn Yoshi game were right around the corner they'd know that those games would boost the console's sales exponentially, then they'd actually realise that now is the best time to buy stocks in Nintendo.

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