Sony Detail Gaikai Plans - Launching Next Year In US, Coming To PS3 Too

In an interview with EDGE Online, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s CEO Jim Ryan has explained the Gaikai situation, stating that it will launch at first in North America in 2014 on PS4, before heading to Vita and even PS3.

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GarrusVakarian1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

"So the plan is to begin with North America next year and the plan is to provide a streaming service that will allow for PS3 content initially to be streamed to firstly PS4 then PS Vita and then PS3"

Really awesome for people who want to play PS3 exclusives, but only own the PS4.

iamnsuperman1878d ago

It is a shame about Europe but the guy has a point. I have good internet (I live in the suburbs) yet my friend 20 minutes away (lives in a village) only recently got broadband and it is still slow as hell

minimur121877d ago

Wait... PS3 games on Vita? Cool :)

Salooh1877d ago

my download speed is 4kb in the middle of the month . That's like torture. I pay for that $80.

omi25p1877d ago

So the UK gets screwed over no matter what?

We have one of the best internet connections going yet we still don't get gaikai.

Sony really do hate the UK.

ABizzel11877d ago

I just want to know how it's going to be handled.

Is it part of PS+, is it a new tier of PS+ for $100 / yr., will it be like a combinations of Game Trails and the traditional version of Gaikai with access to 1 hour game trails for every PS3 game.


The question is, whether you will find all your PS3 games you bought digitally or free via PSN Plus and will PS3 games work on the Vita too.

Enemy1877d ago

@ Omi25p: Tell that to the founders of Gaikai, actually. I don't think Sony are to blame for this. If it was as simple as simply getting it done the same way it took to launch in North America, there'd be no Europe delay.

KwietStorm1877d ago

That really sucks that something so standard these days as an internet connection, is still [greatly] lagging behind in a lot of areas.

timl2411877d ago

We don't need a TV service!
We don't need voice navigation!
We don't need the power of the cloud!

Oh wait, Sony is also doing all of those things? WE NEEEEEED IT!!!!

And don't give me your bull shit of, "Sony is focusing on games blah blah blah." Ms is also focusing on games. You all act like Xbox can't play games. Go ahead, disagree

dantesparda1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

@ tim

we dont need all that sh!t, and what sony is doing with the cloud here is different than what ms is doing with it. They are streaming ps3 games, which is good. MS isnt doing anything like that. And there is nothing stopping sony from doing dedicated servers or even this so call extra power of the cloud (which i think doesnt amount to much)

scott1821877d ago

@ timl241

Calm down, it will be ok.

grimmweisse1877d ago


No the only person giving out bullshit here is you!

It's all about the message. Everything regarding Sony's PS4 unveiling was game centric, everything else secondary because they knew their target audience.

MS really messed up their unveiling and policies, hence all the changes and backtracking. If they focused on their vision and message instead of saying we know best and we ARE going to this and that attitude, things would be different.

Dammit, nobody said the Xbox One can't play games, stop making silly assumptions of the gaming community just because one console can actually do what other can if the company so desires to add extra functionality to it. Next-gen console are nothing more than PC's coated in a plastic shell with a company's branding, so actually adding extra functions, like what a PC can do, won't be that hard!

And yes, Sony is focusing on games in a massive way this time around, especially with a dev friendly environment. Where we had to wait to confirm how MS would handle Indie Dev publishing, well after all the negative backlash.

I have no doubt both systems will be great and sell well, but going around throwing idiotic and meaningless arguments around does nothing to justify your comment.

r2oB1877d ago


You call starving your userbase of core exclusives for 3 years and cancelling a bunch of 360 games, just to have them release on the Xbox One, focusing on games?

Mounce1877d ago

Which means majority of ISP consumers need to start yelling at their providers for being greedy cunts for overcharging everyone for ANCIENT-CIVILIZATION TECHNOLOGY FROM THE 80'S.

Honestly, they get away with ripping everyone off because no one complains about it, internet is a modern-must-have in a home, and majority of homes are of casuals who use their net for Surfing the web or checking their emails. Meaning, why would they increase the power and efficiency and use up their money when the demand for more power is non-existent outside of businesses and gamers? They're not pressured to give us what the rest of the world already has.

Though I was told something about Google Fiber coming to some places and good things about it, we can only hope there comes a service some time soon who causes CHANGE by offering good service, reliability and MODERN speeds at great prices, because no one is in NA.

malokevi1877d ago

"They are streaming ps3 games, which is good. MS isnt doing anything like that. And there is nothing stopping sony from doing dedicated servers or even this so call extra power of the cloud (which i think doesnt amount to much)"

Lol. Thats ass-backwards and you know it. I can't believe people actually agree with you!

Sony can't offer cheap and plentiful servers for cloud processing or dedicated server hosting like MS can. Gaikai isn't even remotely capable of offering what azure can... Sony has clearly bought it to use it the way it was designed to be used, for game streaming. I see nothing to suggest otherwise.

And then, what's to stop MS from offering what Sony is with Gaikai? Nothing. Demand and business sense, that's it. I personally don't care for it, since I have all my old consoles and games. Plus, when the new consoles drop, I won't be interested anyways. I have a funny feeling Soy's service won't get the sort of usage that some of you seem to believe...

Unless MS sees it as necessary to go head to head with Sony and offer a "classic games" collection, I don't see it happening.

TPSou1877d ago


Starving your userbase of exclusives? The Xbox 360 has had: Halo Reach and Halo 4, Gears of War Judgement, Forza Horizon, Dance Central 1, 2+3,Halo Anniversary, Forza 4, Gears of War 3, The Gunstringer, and Kinect Sports 1 and 2 in the last three years. That's hardly starving, it's as many as any other console?

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Minute Man 7211878d ago

I'll find software online that will get me BC from PS1 thru PS3 online

Deadpoolio1878d ago

Well ya know except for the fact that there are NO actual working PS3 emulators....Either way it's still stealing

HammadTheBeast1877d ago


Good luck with the PS3 emulator, my friend tried the updated on on dual titans, got a smooth 7 fps with Uncharted 1.

AngelicIceDiamond1877d ago

@Minute Man Your certainly suits you...

Minute Man 7211877d ago

@ Algelic are you trying to make fun of my name?

Learn something today

wishingW3L1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

PS3 emulation is gonna take a while though. Maybe like 5-to-10 more years or something... But the PS1 and PS2 do have amazing emulators. The PCSX2 let's you play PS2 games in HD and true 16:9, and the games look spectacular.

And thank god emulators exists because it seems these companies expect to milk us dry.

AngelicIceDiamond1877d ago

Its called a Typo.

So you can put that away now.

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Ipunchbabiesforfun1877d ago

that's me! I will only have the PS4, no PS3 anymore.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1877d ago

holy moly why so many disagrees? No, my PS3 didn't break. I lent it to my girlfriend in New Mexico (I'm in Colorado) than the bitch cheated so I broke it off. Unfortunately, now i don't have a PS3.

At the time I had my roommates to use if I needed so I didn't care. But when she comes home, i'm hunting her down!

SpaZaA1877d ago

Probably best to just let it go.

JoySticksFTW1877d ago

Don't let it go.

Me and my ex broke up when she still had my SNES like twenty years ago... And I NEVER forgot about it. Most likely never will.

You learn from my pain. You man up and go get what's yours, dammit! Do it for the both of us! :'(

(no killing or arse-beatings though. That's illegal)

ion6661877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

the ps3 is the first thing i took when things got shaky in my relationship. Thats my baby. Till this day i value my ps3 more then that bitch.

elmaton981877d ago

She got your snes. Hunt her down and get it back.

JoySticksFTW1877d ago

You know I probably would have, but she was damn spiteful. And crazy too

She probably played it to death with other dudes, burned the damn thing, and then put the flames out with her own urine imagining it was my face.

I wouldn't put it past her unfortunately.

You ever break up with someone, and she climbs through your window to tell you she won't allow it? Yeah...

1OddWorld1877d ago

If she wont give it back get revenge. Gain access to her car and put a pound of hamburger in her trunk where the spare is hidden. By the time she starts smelling it, it will be to late. Maggots and an odor that will knock out a honey badger. She will have to pay for professional cleaning and that wont be cheap.

Vengeance can be yours

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JunioRS1011877d ago

That's me!

Just give us The Last of Us, Uncharted series, LBP series, God of War series...

Man I have a lot of catching up to do.

Quicktopick1877d ago

Yipeeee.... Hurrah people Hurrah!

Themba761877d ago

like myself who only owned M$ consoles

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

The Last Of Us remake! lol I wish..

Conzul1877d ago

Graphical Upscale pretty please....!

Godz Kastro1877d ago

Nice... Ill get a PS4 when this happens and play the last of us.

P0werVR1877d ago

Yeah, the only benefit I see of Gaikai is BC capability, other than that...

hazardman1877d ago

Its all I need it for really...for bc. I'm not gonna miss out on a great PS3 exclusive if I can play it thru Gaikai on the PS4.

SnotyTheRocket1877d ago

I just hope they include Canada too. Not just US.

UnholyLight1877d ago

Nothing annoys me more than when Americans think North America refers to only the US. What about Canada..??

TrollCraftTales1877d ago

This pretty much means GTA 5 will be on PS4!

Pillsbury11877d ago

WAIT A MINUTE! I in theory couldn't you stream ps4 games to a ps3?? *_*

MicDude1877d ago

Can I poke you in the belly? It's a lifelong dream of mine.

Studio-YaMi1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

But why would you do that ?

Streaming PS4 games to PSVita is good for the portable features of the Vita and the OLED screen,why would you stream a "console" to another "console" which has the same features ??

Just plus the PS4 and play !

MicDude1877d ago

Gaikai is going to be a great service for those of us who never owned a PS3 but want to play the great exclusives like God of War, Uncharted, and The Last of Us.

starchild1877d ago

Well, if it is coming to PS3 it begs the question why can't I just stream PS4 games to my PS3 and avoid having to buy a PS4 at all?

Cryptcuzz1877d ago

Be patient and find out the full details of the service first before jumping the gun. However, your question is pretty oblivious BTW.

showtimefolks1877d ago

Sony only recently bought GaiKai so give me some time, also if its coming to US next year than Europe will also get it but I guess few months later

Sony spent over 400 million buying GaiKai so they must have a big plan on how they want to use the service. Can't wait to see/find out more

Both companies are preparing for their next consoles after PS4 and Xbox one, which will most likely be all digital

Simon_Brezhnev1877d ago

I guess if they can get it good on US speeds it will work anywhere. lol

AusRogo1877d ago

Ha.. not here in Australia.. saw an ad taking the piss out of our government because one of the parties thinks we will finally reach 40mbps 2019. LOL that's their aim..

Jubez1871877d ago

This was the one thing that was keeping me from PS4. I play a lot of JRPG's and they usually linger on the next generation consoles for a year or two before moving up to current gen. But also, I need a new ps3 so ideally I want to pick up a PS4 this fall, especially if I can play the 2014 ps3 JRPGs

ZombieKiller1877d ago

Please bring me digital copies of GTA V and Arkham Origins! I want to play those games on my ps4. It would be great to have the video share work with them too.

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HolyDuck1878d ago ShowReplies(6)
Fishy Fingers1878d ago

Bit of a shame it's only launching in NA initially, but I personally rarely play 'old' games so I'll be happy with PS4 in the meantime.

Probably won't be the case for a lot of users but it would be nice to see them support IOS/Android devices as soon as possible.

jp_footy21878d ago

I would like them to start with 2160p, but I'm guessing they will start with only 1080 or 720.

jp_footy21877d ago

To the disagrees, what video resolution do you think they will start with then?

SpaZaA1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


4k is still a bit of a pipe dream for gaming on consoles.
Try to be realistic.
Very few, if any, games will support 4k on PS4 or Xbox One.

jp_footy21877d ago

I said I would like them to support 4K from the start. But obviously, 1080p or 720p is more realistic.

Lboogieskells1877d ago

No games will support that resolution. Not this gen, ypu would need a high end PC for that.

inmusicutrust1877d ago

I think the disagrees was for the dream of 2160p. Not happening this gen. The ps4 has 4k for video only not for games. And most games will be 1080 I believe some are already confirmed as 720p. Graphics resolution isn't the main focus so much as computational power, as in the effects you can display, ai, and things you can have happening at once.

jp_footy21877d ago


I'm talking about Gaikai, which is streaming the game, it's not running on actual ps4 hardware.

Cryptcuzz1877d ago

What's the point of streaming the games at that resolution. Do you have a 4k TV?

If the answer is no, it will be irrelevant.

If the answer is yes, I would like to suggest charity as a means of finding what to do with all your extra money, as 4k content is few and far between.


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MasterCornholio1878d ago

My 100MBS connection is waiting.


jp_footy21878d ago

You could play games in 4K. But they will probably start with 1080p or 720p.

1878d ago
pyramidshead1877d ago

lol I hate you. But it's purely jealous hate. :(

Nekroo911877d ago

i also have 100mb fiber for 30 euros a month plus tv and phone, i have no idea how prices are so high for some people

IRetrouk1877d ago

I dont understand the prices myself, i get 120 mbs plus my phone and tv for less than what some people are paying for 10 mbs, virgin uk are killing it at the min.