EA seeks redemption?

The company has a spotty history in getting hard-won talent to stick around. Its 1990s acquisition of well-regarded studios such as Bullfrog, Westwood and Origin led to mass defections and the marring of once-proud franchises with ho-hum games.

Chief Executive John Riccitiello, who rejoined EA a year ago after heading private equity firm Elevation Partners, acknowledged as much at an industry conference in February.

"I would state simply that we at EA blew it, and I was involved so I can say I blew it," Riccitiello said of past acquisitions that ended badly. "The command and conquer model, the command and direct model, doesn't work."

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mindedone3865d ago

I'm not an expert on the Sims, but has there been any real innovation since the first? This is a real question; I don't know either way.

Xlll3865d ago

Where is my Theme Hospital?!

Palodios3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Tell that to Take-two, slimeballs. Seriously, you can't say things like that less than a month after hostile take-over attempts.

Edit: I should probably read the article first next time, d'oh! although its pretty clear that Take-Two DOESNT want anything to do with EA, atleast until GTA has launched.

The Lazy One3864d ago

A hostile takeover doesn't contradict anything in that article. As long as the keep take two's developers generally autonomous, there's no reason a hostile takeover would change anything in the article.

LevDog3865d ago

EA is trash.. They monopolized Football games.. Madden is always a disappointment every year.. If its not fat chubby players on 360, its unplayable frame rate for Ps3.. EA BIGS series is a freaking Joke... Wanna be blitz without the gameplay and innovation... Every Company EA takes over, ends up turning to slop.. EA is a cancer and unfortunatly there is no cure for cancer.. So we are all stuck with Crappy Ports and crappy hyped up games

Blaine3865d ago

then they're really going to have to change that logo, because I can't help but snarl in disgust at its mere sight.

That symbol, to me, has become associated with poor production values and ruining of great franchises. I couldn't change my opinion on the company as long as I see that disgusting symbol.

AzaziL3865d ago

My love for EA turned into disgust after 7-8 years of the same football game with minor graphic and roster updates. If they were to just make a new football game (as in creating a new game engine and everything else that was last gen) instead of updating the originals like they do for just about every franchise they own, they might actually become a little more respectable.

That's pretty much why I'm afraid of them taking over Take-Two and R*, because then the evolution of GTA will come to a screeching halt, and all we'll be getting for the next ten years is this GTA with a new story and minor tweaks.

Wait, isn't that what happened to GTA III anyways? Oh well, at least R* won't carry it over into the next next-gen consoles.

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