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GameCloud: "It’s incredible the way that the simple act of storytelling can capture our hearts, and bring out our deepest emotions in the most unexpected ways. I would often argue that a good story can help anyone get through the toughest times, and this is why I think a game like Gone Home is going to be critically successful. It’s our first major step into completely new territory, and I suspect that many editorials will initially pardon it’s shortcomings because of how the experience makes them feel, and I appreciate that.

However, I want to see this for what it truly is, and that’s beginning of something great. It’s not a perfect experience, and it’s not really a great “game” by definition either. Gone Home is simply an incredible story that approaches subjects that once would never have made sense in a video game, and you know what, one of the greatest things about it is that the fact that I’m confident it would fail as a film. This is an unbelievably import achievement for our industry, and why this game deserves to be recognised. (regardless of our score) If you’re looking for something new, download it."

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