Gary Neville Joins as Ambassador for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

FIFPlay: Electronic Arts Inc. has today announced that Gary Neville joins EA SPORTS in a FIFA 14 Ultimate Team (FUT) ambassadorial role for the 2013/14 season.

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greenyboi1902d ago

Uuuuunnnnbbbbbeeeellliiiieeeev vvvaaaabbbblllleeeeeee

Pintheshadows1902d ago

Oh god. He and Jamie Carragher's banter on Sky is agonising.

jackanderson19851902d ago

Neville wasn't (and still isn't) bad when it was just him and one other guy... Carragher is like a blind dog trying to defuse a bomb with a corkscrew. just has no place being there

greenyboi1902d ago

I think I actually feel asleep listening to them two before the man u chelsea game so boring

jackanderson19851902d ago

the match itself probably didn't help... one of the worst matches in a long time

fsgdndnhd54123678901902d ago

me to and i missed the fucking game.i hope man u fucking won though

TheFreak1902d ago

You haven't found that out yet?! It was a draw 0-0. Neville is good Carragher is awful analyzing/commentating, I don't understand half of what he is saying. Btw I hate lokomotiv chelzki!

Pintheshadows1902d ago

You missed nothing. It was awful. Best game I've watched so far was Cardiff vs Man City. Great game.