Xbox One & PS4 won't hit cap for at least six years says Bethesda VP

Examiner: "We're now going on eight years since the Xbox 360 launched and many are wondering when the definitive moment was that saw the current-gen consoles "capped" at their maximum capabilities. Perhaps more important is how long it will be before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One reach their limit."

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Maddens Raiders1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I like Bethesda but admittedly I don't play a ton of third party titles. I see the article didn't mention games like The Last of Us, MLB 13 The Show or even Gran Turismo 6 (all big and polished games that launched or will launch in it's seventh year) for the PS3, but specifically mentioned Oblivion, Halo 4, Fallout 3, and Skyrim.

I think the systems are similar in some ways for sure, but from a first party perspective, history (and the PS2 in particular) has proven that SCE will push their consoles to their very last dying breath.

GarrusVakarian1876d ago

Yeah i agree, i think The Last Of Us and Beyond Two Souls (seem to be mentioning these 2 games alot lately) are the best looking PS3 exclusives made, so i would say the cap was reached at the end of this gen for Sony.

ATi_Elite1875d ago

They may not hit their cap for 6 years but they sure as hell can't run Battlefield 4 on Ultra in 1080p @ 60fps in MP.

So all these statements seem LAME when the Frostbite 3 (A real Next Gen Game engine) has already shown the limits of the XB1 & PS4)

Now if your running the Unreal Engine 3 or some other LAST GEN engine then yeh you got years to go.

Evilsnuggle1875d ago

Ati ******
Your are so right so called next GEN . Look at killzone SF is 1080p 60fps is next GEN if it is not 1080p 60fps first person shooter or open world infamous second son 1080p 30fps it's not next GEN .

strigoi8141876d ago

Bethesda doesnt even have a good credibility on the current gen why bother be interested on what they are saying for next gen consoles?

levian1875d ago

They have great games, but they aren't exactly known as the best looking graphically, and are always a bug filled mess, that even unofficial patches can't fully fix.

gaelic_laoch1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

xbone will Cap sooner then the PS4 as we can depend on first party devs to continue to push the boundaries of the PS4 right till the bitter end!

Third party devs have no interest in maxing out consoles! If they did then xbone would be getting PS4 ports! Hopefully M$ can get the most out its own first partys also to make me want to buy an xbone!

ape0071876d ago

the Xbone is causing nightmares for u

gaelic_laoch1876d ago

Everytime I close my eye I see Steve Ballmer with his tongue stuck out licking an xbone!

Golden_Mud1876d ago

I'm here to tell you that Microsoft have 5 new first party studios , I'll metion 3 and that is Black Tusk Studios , Press Play , Microsoft Studios Osaka and more

gillri1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Takes a while to get the most out of tech, thats why I always feel like Ive wasted my money when I upgrade my PC...the technology never even comes close to being fully utilised

but that wont stop me from upgrading it every couple of years

thekhurg1876d ago

Bethesda has never been a company to build great game engines that push graphical boundaries. They really have zero room to speak up on this issue.

RuleNumber51876d ago

I kind of agree, but I really want to see a next-gen exclusive from them. The same can be said about a lot of publishers and developers really. The Crew is the first next-gen game in my mind for Ubisoft. ESO doesn't count in my opinion. I've seen that game and am not impressed, graphically speaking.


was thinking the same thing....oblivion, skyrim, fallout etc. looks like shit!

thekhurg1876d ago

They don't look like shit at all - they just aren't graphical powerhouse games that push specs of a PC or console.

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