Rocksmith 2014 Lessons trailer released. Pumpkins smashed.

Editor Ron Burke writes: "Want to stop being that guy at parties that plays the air guitar leaned up against the wall, all alone? Well, you have two options – become a drummer or take up the guitar for real. Ubisoft doesn’t want you to be lonely. They’ve released a video for Rocksmith 2014 entitled “lessons” that goes over exactly how the new edition will improve on the lesson system from the previous edition of the game."


Attached the wrong trailer. Should be:

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ArchangelMike1928d ago

This and GTA V are my most anticipated games of this last generation.

buckley1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Apologies that the wrong trailer is embedded! The link goes to the correct article, and I added an update to the correct YouTube trailer. can't edit the submission anymore

yellowgerbil1928d ago

any chance this will come to the ps4? I've always wanted to learn the guitar. I bought one years ago and just couldn't figure it out. too much ADD for following dvds and books. A game that teaches me guitar might just be what I need to finally figure out how to play.

toymachinesh1928d ago

They are currently *not* working on a PS4 or Xbox One version.

yellowgerbil1928d ago

well hopefully it will sell well and they will decide to port it over, don't care about next gen graphics this is a next gen idea if I've ever heard one. far better than voice commands and share features.