Grand Theft Auto iv Controls Revealed (Ps3 & 360)

check out the controls that will be used for gta iv in this video

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Time Lord4060d ago

R2 to accelerate. why not the x button.

loftygaming4060d ago

i think they want you to use the trigger

Surfman4060d ago

anyway you probably can change it
and... are this video real? Where did guy found that? But anyway it'll probably be something like that.

brothersimon4060d ago

This is why 360 is best as it has triggers

sonarus4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

That is why ps3 is best because it has functional triggers. I can't even count how many times i have tried using dpad for weapon select and ended up pushing up when i meant to push left. No matter what anyone says the controllers will always be a preference. Personally i prefer 360 controller for driving games because of the better triggers unfortunately though this isn't a driving game

Anyways X the fanboyish nonsense. Both control schemes are pretty good if you ask me. I personally prefer R2 for accelerate than X because it is more context sensitive.

PopEmUp4059d ago

you just make me ROFLMFAO! by owning yourself there nice job and btw keep up the good work

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Hydrolex4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Aweful contributers !

this was posted like 2 months ago

Tarmgar4060d ago

Controls of a game making news. Dang. I know GTA is big, but the controls making news?!

Mystery_Person4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

I saw a picture of the controls at... this one site. It They had pictures of the map, the subway, and the controls (PS3). But the pictures were from the little book that comes with the game and the map pics were from the big poster that comes with the game too.

OH! And they also had a video of the intro. PM if you want the site.