PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii Launch Day Camp-Out Guide

Launch days are kinda like the Olympics - they only come around once every four years (or maybe more in the case of gaming). And if you've ever been a part a system launch, you know the magic. Fifty or sixty hardcore gamers standing outside a store talking 'geek' about what games they pre-ordered or what information they've heard about the system so far. Anytime you group people together with a similar passion of any kind, it's a recipe for fun.

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Maddens Raiders4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

+++ Apologies in advance for those of you that have already seen this, but I know a lot of you haven't. This is a very well written guide for the launch day "hardcores" and novices alike. Enjoy!

dcm4468d ago

awesome next gen systems cant wait.

guys take a look at this site


FadeToBlack4468d ago

I waited outside bestbuy in the cold for 19 hours for my 360..

kmis874468d ago

Dude, you get mad props from me for that. That's awesome, glad you got one cause it sounds like you definitely deserved it.

Bill Gates4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

I worked a second shift job at the time, and got out at 11:00pm. As soon as I got out my buddy and I jetted to the Circuit City in my town giggling like a couple of horny teenagers. On the way to the store I was pulled over for speeding. I thought for sure we would never make in time to make it to near the front of the line. As soon as the cop gave me the ticket I was on my way again, and when he turned around I started speeding AGAIN. We got in line, and it looked like there was still hope. The night was FUKING cold as all heck. The temperature was in the high teens and all I had was a tee-shirt. Lucky me, a girl further in the back of the line let us use an extra blanket she had. I fell asleep after that and I woke up to the commotion of the store announcing they were about to open up, and that they only had 12 PS2’s for sale. As soon as the doors opened up, no one was safe from the hounds. This is the happy ending. I ended up getting the last one. Seconds later a man approached me with a suit and tie on wanting to buy it. He offered me $600 on the spot for it, but stupid me I declined because I was under the impression that Gran Turismo 3 would be out weeks later. The fuking game ended up coming out months later. But needless to say, it was an unforgettable experience, and the even cooler thing is that I came out in the local news paper the next morning. There was a picture of me on the front page sleeping away the cold night, waiting for the launch of the all mighty PS2. I still have the same PS2, and it still works great.
And that my friends, is no lie. I'll never forget it. It's good to be a gamer.
PS3 launch, here I come. I'll be better prepared,.... I hope.

I welcome bubbles.

FadeToBlack4467d ago

I had a pre-order with toys r us for my ps2. When the opened up the store they had a pallet of them stacked on the floor. I was less than impressed when i got home and played it.

The Milkman4467d ago

Man first camp out was just cool as simple as it was it gave me a feeling inside when the line finnally starts to move and the buying begins after getting to know the othere gamers around you. Oh man phew I need to stop Im getting teary eyed. lol nah just messin but it is awesome to have a system after all that waiting. You just want to jump for joy. I had fun camping the 360 in wal mart we got to watch movies on the display TVs because the employees where nice enough to do it.

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