Review: Rayman Legends (DarkZero)

"Sometimes I wish I could just leave a phrase and be done with a review, not to be lazy, but to leave an impactful statement that would get everyone talking. You see, something hit me when I was playing Rayman Legends and it led me to a conclusion that Rayman Legends is the Super Mario Galaxy 2 of Rayman’s gaming career. What I mean by that is Rayman Legends feels like an extension of the already superb Rayman Origins, but just like Miyamoto and his team, Ancel obviously had more ideas to pump into the formula, so what better way to do that than making a sequel and breaking the leash that holds you back to allow for more creative freedom. The Rayman team at Ubisoft has done just that, crafting a better game than Rayman Origins and the best 2D platformer this generation."

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