The Game System With The Best Launch Titles

Jeff: "Such a lineup invokes the question: which console had the best lineup of release titles–ones that stood as quintessential games throughout their system’s life span?

Before revealing the best, it is necessary to look at the titles for the current generation of game systems—the seventh generation. And, after assessing the launch titles for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360—games that included forgettable titles like Genji: Days of the Blade, Kameo: Elements of Power, and Tony Hawks American Wasteland—it is safe to say that the Seventh Generation of gaming got off to an underwhelming start."

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3-4-51876d ago

Same, although I wish I hadn't sold like 25 of my games back in the day for a Dreamcast :-( lol...

Mario 64 STILL has yet to be surpassed or beaten.

Developers will copy all these trash game types, but nobody has the balls to try and make a new AMAZING 3D platformer with great music, good visuals, cool art style and tons of content.

tucky1876d ago

I expected a lot more from That article ... At least a List of consoles with best line up and not a single one with 2 games

MeatheadMilitia1876d ago

The article was not a breakdown of all the consoles and their launch line-ups. It was an article on which console had the best launch titles. The beauty of an article that is to the point is that it allows for other people to comment as to which system they felt had the best launch titles. Which has me begging the question, which system do you believe had the best launch titles?

DA_SHREDDER1876d ago

NES, SNES, N64, and sega dreamcast all had amazing launch titles. Even the first nintendos came with 2 games, a controller and the NES Zapper

Hicken1876d ago

How do you expect anyone to believe you if you just say "This was the best," and have nothing backing it up?

If you're gonna claim one as the best, you're gonna need more than two titles, and you're also gonna have to explain why the launch lineups of other consoles isn't as good.

Then there's the fact that you cherrypick the launch titles for the PS3 and 360, and completely deign to reference launch titles for any other consoles whatsoever when making your point.

Why not bring up Fight Night 3 or Resistance? Why not Gun or PGR? You deliberately pick some poor games to support your article, and deliberately ignore everything that that goes against that.

Lemme put it bluntly: article sucks.

Donnieboi1876d ago

@MeatheadMilitia: Yea...but only 2 games?

jnelson55441874d ago

The Nintendo 64 only had two release titles upon its North American release. Thank you.

Concertoine1876d ago

Dreamcast hands down for me. Especially the american launch.

MeatheadMilitia1876d ago

I never owned a Dreamcast but some of my friends did and they seemed to have a cultist view on the system. Not that is a bad thing, but you can tell people who enjoyed Dreamcast, REALLY enjoyed their dreamcast. Does yours still work?

Concertoine1876d ago

yes i still buy games for it too! if you ask me the dreamcast and gamecube are prime examples of how to make a console built to last, and make it cheap.
it really is a system that had multiple good games coming out a month at good prices, and the system wasnt around long enough to get bad. it was just 2 years of pure awesome, a great time to be a gamer.

justSumDood1876d ago

Nostalgia compels me to say my NES. It was the first console to perfectly recreate the arcade experience with Super Mario Bros.
Honorable mention to N64 /Super Mario 64 for ushering in the era of 3D environments, without which gaming wouldnt be what it is today.

However, my favorite launch "title" of all time is Condemned: Criminal Origins, which launched along side the 360. It truly felt next-gen (by leaps and bounds.) Its an amazing experience that still holds up to this day.

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