Surfer Girl: Talks about Heavy Rain being the BBC "secret game", teaser trailer coming soon, Beyond Good & Evil 2 an

Surfer girl writes: " I can confirm I was right (as were many others), that PS3 title the BBC journo said was going on about is indeed Heavy Rain. The teaser trailer, which will see release sometime in the next few months, follows the main character from a morning ritual to the frantic reaction to a seeming lacuna in time (the subsequent journey is the game's main plotline) and the explanation of the game's title. The technology is quite impressive, all the characters in the game are aware of the environments and contexts that they are in--it effects how they behave, what they say, how they feel, et cetera--while taking in their personality and personal experiences into account so that a character's behavior is consistent, realistic and varied."

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alan0013843d ago

ITS NOT HEAVY RAIN like the bbc journalist said "In fact, the game is such a secret that when I mentioned the game to Phil Harrison last week he was unsure at first whether even to admit the title existed"
EVERYONE KNOWS THAT HEAVY RAIN EXISTS,SO WHY WOULD PHIL HARRISON BE "unsure at first whether even to admit the title existed"

solar3843d ago

you are correct sir.

i guess i could somewhat see how delusional surfer tranny could think its Heavy Rain. no one has seen any game footage of it. only a tech demo of the facial expressions they game is using.

Fishy Fingers3843d ago

Surfer girl does it again :)

Who knows what that reporter saw, a few weeks back everyone was saying it was "LingerInShadows".

jkhan3843d ago

Yeah I don't think so it was heavy rain. If you read the article below:
"In fact, the game is such a secret that when I mentioned the game to Phil Harrison last week he was unsure at first whether even to admit the title existed. When I explained I had been shown it under strict Non Disclosure Agreement terms he looked relieved."
So Heavy Rain was announced back in 2006. So everyone knows about it. May be they showed the reporter God of War 3 :D, its just my wishful thinking:p

Omegasyde3843d ago

The reporter saw a game from SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) Studios.

HEAVY RAIN is being created by a outside studio (a 3rd party game). It's not even being published by Sony ( Like Microsoft published gears of war 2 and Ninja Gaiden)

So Surfer Girl is wrong again. Please stop with her blog post. She had only "guessed" about 3 things right, and got more than 20 things wrong.

Surfer girl = Attention Wh*re.

sonarus3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

surfer girl is fake. She is just speculating like the rest of us. It isn't heavy rain because it is a sony made game. The BBC dude went to a sony studio to see it, if it was heavy rain it would be in quantic dream studio.

@omegasyde. Publisher hasn't been announced yet for the game but most likely, sony will publish. I know they have some agreement with sony though

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FLOPbox 3603843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

PS3 has too many good games coming. DROP THE BOMBS SONY.

Put the FLOPbox out of it's misery.

Wildarmsjecht3843d ago

The girl in the pic could be alittle more attractive..and older. Jail bait = No :(

Clinton5143843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

I'm certainly not clicking the link and I'm not sure why everyone still follows her/him.

actas1233843d ago

I wonder if this journalist is a gamer. Because if not, every game looks fascinating to someone who has not seen games like Uncharted and Bioshock...

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