Play PC Games on Your Android Phone with This DIY NVIDIA Shield Clone

The NVIDIA Shield is a cool new device that lets you wirelessly play your existing PC games on a handheld device. Linus Tech Tips shows us how to make your own version with an Android phone and an Xbox 360 controller.

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Kayant1928d ago

In Linus/Slick we trust loool :p....

UltimateMaster1927d ago

Isn't it already achievable with a Dualshock 3 for the PS3?
And you don't even need to hack your phone.

strigoi8141927d ago

cool if you are really interested on the shield

skept3k1927d ago

That is pretty awesome, I could see my self actually using something like this. I don't think I will get a shield right now, but in the future hopefully.