Hooked Gamers: Jack Keane and the Dokktor's Island Review

Hooked Gamers writes: "Once upon a time, this game was going to be entitled Jack Keane and the Dokktor's Island. That was back in 2005 and shortly after developer Deck 13 had just released a well-received game entitled Ankh. Along the way, besides changing publishers a couple of times, the title got shortened. Whatever the reason(s), after about three years of ballyhoo, it looks like the game is -finally- going to make its debut.

On the surface, the game looks like it taps in to most of the fun aspects that were to be found in Monkey Island. Does mentioning that game give you a clear idea of what to expect? The image that conjures up for me includes 'cartoonish' artwork (check), pervasive tongue-in-cheek humor (check), point-and-click interface (check), cursor rollovers that indicate how on-screen objects are to be used (check), pick-your-choice-of-clever-lines dialogue trees (check). Yeah, the game has all that, so I guess my work is done here! What's that? You want details? Oh, alright then…"

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