GamerZines | The Sims 4 Preview: 'Toying With Humanity'

GamerZines writes:

Emotional torment is something The Sims has been built on since the very beginning; be it trapping a new sim in a ladder-less swimming pool to get a quick injection of Simoleons, or naming and modelling a sim after your real life boss so you can deny him toilet breaks in-game just as he denies you them in the real world.

Like with all great sandboxes, it’s the player’s imagination and creativity which determines their enjoyment, just as much as the tools the developer offers. At gamescom Maxis were keen to point out that with The Sims 4, they’re eliminating as many interface barriers as possible in both the main game and the creation suite, in order to ensure that the player’s creativity is the star of the show, not their mastery of the menus.

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