Ryse: Son of Rome: death, gladiator co-op and the Colosseum

Ryse: Son of Rome will contain co-op in which two gladiators can enter the Coliseum and battle an ever-changing rush of enemies. During gamescom, project manager Yannick Boucher showed VG247′s Sam Clay just how deadly it can be.

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JokesOnYou1964d ago

Oh yeah, this is looking like a blast in co op. Gameplay reminds me of Assassins Creed but more bloody. Graphics are awesome can't wait to download this day one.

P0werVR1964d ago

Is it hard to get someone who doesn't suck playing this game?!

So the graphics looks great, gameplay looks good but then you have these players who just suck even at putting simple combos together.

SovereignSnaKe1964d ago

~I played it at Gamescom it's a lot of fun, but getting accustomed to the controls takes some time, as it's not an easy game. That, and I was excited to play the Xbox One for the first time. Rather than button quick time events, there are subtle hues of Blue, Yellow or Green to push the buttons and perform a take down. If you press B when there is a skull over one of the enemies you perform an Execution and consume of of their health.

mikeslemonade1964d ago

How can you be excited for Clunkfest 2014 is beyond me

Bigpappy1964d ago

Notice the PS4 guys making up all types of reasons why we should hate this game? I don't really know what their objective is, because the game is selling itself with those gruesome kills and next gen graphics. I would not be surprised if this game sells with a very high attached rate to the X1. Its a guys game.

Maddens Raiders1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I know I'll get railed on for saying this, but the graphics look great. The /gameplay/ on the other hand just seems so slow, clunky and repetitive. I would play it as a launch title of course, but would get bored with it rather quickly. JMO

edit/ - If there is something else besides the hacking and slashing and changing arenas let me know, as this type of gameplay is all I've seen thus far.

MWong1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

We'll get based together, because I think the same thing. The gameplay does remind me of Assassins Creed, but very clunky and slow. I just have a bad feeling that this game is going to become very repetitive. Hopefully, the battles will be massive like a Dynasty Warriors like game.

princejb1341964d ago

lol idk what people see in this game honestly
it looks slow and boring, at least graphics are great but this is crytek we talking about they always over promise and under deliver

XboxFun1964d ago

I want to see some lions run out on the battlefield.

looking good guys, can't wait to get my hands on the final product.

Rainstorm811964d ago

...or Tigers like in Gladiator

jaixvx1964d ago

There's no kick button. lol

1964d ago