'99 Waves to Die' Bringing Brutal Twin-Stick Action to Mobile

The Indie Game Magazine Mobile: 'SpookyFish Games is clearly a studio with a hankering for old-school challenge, and one that feels us modern gamers have been pampered for far too long. Enter 99 Waves to Die, an upcoming twin-stick shoot-’em-up for iOS, Android, and OUYA which promises not to hold the player’s hand; rather beating them around the face and belittling them until they beg for mercy.

99 Waves to Die is heavily inspired by 1980s arcade games, and SpookyFish are hoping to revive the unrivalled tenacity of score-hungry retro gamers. Just like the old days, the game is all about battling to earn your place on the leaderboard as a badge of honour and prowess.'

- Matt Suckley

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