We are weapons - Space Hulk review [Gaming Trend]

Editor Victor Grunn writes: "As far as Warhammer 40k goes, I suppose I'm something of a heretic. I've played Dawn of War 1 and 2, picked up all the expansions, and I've loved just about every moment of the gameplay... and yet, I've never played the actual table-top or board games that the series sprung from. In fact, I've never even read a Warhammer 40k book. So when I heard that Space Hulk was coming to Steam, I was pretty excited to try a Warhammer 40k title that was, if not based on the 'real' tabletop game, at least based on what sounded like a pretty noteworthy board game in its own right. Would I enjoy it as much as I did the realtime strategy titles? Would it just feel like a flop, despite being closer to a 'traditional' Warhammer game? I was excited to find out either way. What I discovered in Space Hulk was a game that had a fantastic mood and setting to it, a glorious interface, and a unique turn-based tactical title that nevertheless failed to deliver enough content to justify its retail price."

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