Molyneux Disappointed Fable Legends Doesn't Appear To Feature A Dog

At gamescom, Microsoft unveiled a brand-new RPG for Xbox One, which is currently in development over at Lionhead Studios. If you've seen it the debut trailer for Fable Legends, you probably noticed that there isn't a single dog to be found anywhere in the video, something former Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux isn't particularly happy about.

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Sev1879d ago

They really needed a dog to compete with Call of Duty: Ghosts next generation technology.

acharlez1879d ago

Haha. I know, right?

A companion canine is all the hotness right now. Lionhead should totally ride that wave.

Jessica_VazquezGR1879d ago

Why didn't they just add a horse like in Fable the journey?