Gametrailers Bonus Round - Episode 20: Part 4 - GTA IV

Gametrailers writes: "Will this be the fall of GTA as a series or will Rockstar reach new heights?"

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Nightmaster3893d ago

Ughh, can't wait. But with the ending saying "he thinks," breaks my heart! I wish there was no negativity involved in this video.

Hercules3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

but this is a good take on three experts on games...but i hate it if EA takes over T2...i think this game already earned GOTY...but one thing i dont get is, how can i game get "TOO BIG"? i hope R* fills the blu-ray disc...and have a game lasting me 2yrs :D

Hercules3893d ago

i didnt mean i hope that they fill it up, i meant in future GTA games
to fill up the disc

TradingWarStories3893d ago

cos then the DVD9,that xbox uses wont be able to get it on :o

bluhefner3893d ago

But my favorite GTA will for ever and always be GTA3. I loved VC and SA but GTA3 gave me the biggest shock factor and I loved the gritty atmosphere. I still play that damn game to this very day.