The Case To Bring Grand Theft Auto V To PC

From Pixel Apocalypse...

"Rockstar has always treated the PC gaming community like some dirty hobo that keeps hanging about looking for table leavings. Eventually they start to feel bad and throw us a half-hearted scrap or two, but it's nothing like the feast that console gamers get. When PC gamers are eventually invited to the table, it's usually 6 months to a year down the road, and even then Rockstar throws the equivalent of a half cooked T.V. dinner in front of us. By that time, the majority of us have moved on leaving Rockstar to wonder..."Why don't are shoddy PC ports perform better on PC?"

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Grave1876d ago

I have played them all on console, but I upgraded my rig and will wait for it to pop up on Steam. It's only a matter of time. I am guessing March 2014.

ala_7671876d ago

Cuz PC got too much piracy.... If they release the game same day as the consoles, Maximum will choose the PC platform and about 60% will be pirated copies

CaptainFaisal1876d ago

But the game file is huge to make that 20% pirated ! plus im sure everyone wants to play GTA Online so ofcource the majority want to buy it!

sorane1876d ago

Ahhh the pc piracy myth. Guess Epic losing $60 million from gears of war 3 pirates isn't "too much".

Audiggity1876d ago

Agreed sorane... I am 100% anti-piracy... but I know more people that hijack console games than PC games.

Steam has made it so easy to go back to PC Gaming, it is hard to imagine not giving them my money.

R* should do a Kickstarter campaign, sell premium versions of GTA V as "investments" to fund expedited development of the PC platform version. Then when it launches, you get your Steam key to enjoy a totally enhanced PC version. No piracy concerns there and they break even instantly.

Go ahead Rockstar, I dare you to send me a job offer, I'll manage your entire crowd funding campaign.

wtopez1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Consoles have piracy AND used game sales.

ala_7671876d ago

Used game is better than playing pirated games... Games can be pirated unlimited times and Used games are not

wtopez1876d ago


Spin it however you want but the truth is that used game sales generate as much income for the developer and publisher of the game as pirating does; nothing. Piracy is not exclusive to PC. Used game sales IS exclusive to consoles.

CaptainFaisal1876d ago

Rockstar will bring it to PC 100% , they always do this trick! for example L.A Noire once released after 2 weeks they released the PC version . Im positive we will get it on pc early october! as for PS4 Febuary or May 2014!

deadfrag1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Not so soon this time!Infrastructures for GTA 5 online on PC are most likely not up;why do you think the online portion of the console version is coming latter;its not because the game is not ready,its because they are still building online infrastructures for this gen.console play.Dont forget that this is not normal online MP,its more like an MMO the all map its the MP room,server stability must be 5* or the online will die fast.

modesign1876d ago

if there were more than a handful of hardcore pc gamers, then it would come to pc, but in the real world, theres not to many pimple faced pc gamers that sit in their mommies basement.

wheresmymonkey1876d ago

Every previous GTA since 3 has been released on the PC about 6 -8 months after consoles.

It's never been if it's merely when.

Angels37851876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

But RDR didn't come :( it just makes me worried :(

wheresmymonkey1874d ago

True, but Red Dead was never on PC. GTA was originally a PC game.

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