Peter Molyneux's Mixed Feelings on Fable Legends

Speaking to IGN, Molyneux confessed that he's a little disappointed by Lionhead's decision not to make a narrative sequel to Fable 3, observing that there's a "great prize" to be won by continuing the numbered franchise's experiments with emotive storytelling.

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Yi-Long1878d ago

.... Peter sure loves his dogs...(!)

Anyway, I really liked the first Fable, even though it was less than was first 'promised'. Fable 2 didn't really interest me, Fable 3 was another step back, and the less said about the XBLA-game or the Kinect-game, the better.

The series has sadly been in decline ever since Fable: TLC. Which is a shame, cause I LOVE the artwork, the humour, the setting, etc etc.

It just dropped in quality when it comes to gameplay (too lineair, way to easy, not a fun combat-sytem, etc), and story. Which are pretty important.