Game Developer Says His Son Has Been Kidnapped

The last time game programmer Kris Morness says he saw his 5 year-old son, Maximus, was on July 25 this year. It was a Thursday, and they talked on Skype. Everything seemed normal, but normal can be deceiving. That was the last time Morness has seen—or heard from—his son. Now, he's doing everything to get him back.

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zeal0us1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Now situations like this sucks. Given Japan lack of enforcement on things of this nature I honestly doubt that the child's mother will return to the U.S.

golding891878d ago

Yes, This is a very unfortunate situation. I wish the family good luck.

Sarick1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I agree though I think her intent was obvious.

Chaos_Raiden1878d ago

I hope he can see his son again.

Sarick1878d ago

Looks like those real psychopaths are starting to take action. Who would kidnap a kid because their multi-player guns of choice got nerfed.

People that do this because the developers made software changes are unstable to begain with!

I hope they catch him/her and put them in a mental institution for a long long time. (WITH NO GAMES!)

I feel for the man. Other developers might be more reluctant. I know developers have done stuff that pissed me off Sure I got pissed and said a few harsh words but never threatened their lives or family.
This is ridiculous!

deep_fried_bum_cake1878d ago

You clearly never even attempted to read the article.

Sarick1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I did look at it. but not to the end where they FOUND out it was his mother. Busted me quick skimming. and it's tabloid tactics to catch people off guard and attract clicks. I was BUSTED this time.

From a gamers stand point I don't want to see people get fanatic about games.

The boy really was kidnapped.
The boy was the son of a developer.
The person who kidnapped him wasn't a crazed gamer. It was his mother.

The last part is a key.

Anyway, if his kid was actually kidnapped because a crazy person my words would've been no different. I want to delete that comment. I expect a record breaking number of disagrees.

Don't comment if you've got a nasty toothache and be sure to read carefully.

Godlovesgamers1878d ago

This is complete sensationalist Bull CRAP. Kidnapped? NO, not even close. Kidnapped is when someone unknown took your child and may actually kill him or her, may rape him or her, may ransom him or her. Go straight to Hell, Kotaku. There are cases of real heart breaking, terrifying kidnappings happening everyday around the World that destroy peoples lives and you want me to give on iota of care to this overblown "child is clearly in no harm" case of what you call kidnapping? Go to HELL.

LoveOfTheGame1878d ago

I can't say this is fact, but I would say most kidnappings in the U.S. are done by a divorced/separated parent.

rezzah1877d ago

Kidnapping isn't about the end result or the (kidnapper's) reason for doing the act.

What would define kidnapping in this case is if the child was taken against his will from his father. It is possible that the child could have purposefully be misinformed about seeing his father again, only to realise at a later date that his mother lied.

If the child understood the meaning of being taken away from his father forever (someone would have to assess the child's understanding to confirm if kidnapped or not) and accepted to move away with his mother, then he was not taken against his will.

Despite all of this the accusation of kidnapping is based on the assumption of the father. He reached this conclusion in accordance to the mother's relationship of her words and her actions. Another thing to note is that they are divorced (he referred to her as ex-wife), and that it appears to be common for one parent to kidnap a child so the other parent would not have access to the child.

Godlovesgamers1877d ago

In your attempt to come off as intelligent, you've missed the whole point.

rezzah1877d ago

I'll take your assumption on intelligence as a compliment.

I know your point well, your problem is your self proclaimed understanding of the word "kidnap" and your expectation of what should be shown as news.

Relax, the news mustn't consists of only the most vulgar things imaginable. The suffering of two person's is not the same.

Godlovesgamers1877d ago

"I know your point well, your problem is your self proclaimed understanding of the word "kidnap" and your expectation of what should be shown as news."

Or maybe your problem is your apathetic approach to the oversensulization of this story in the face of what a headline like this really means in most other parts of the World.

And also...

1. It wasn't my assumption, it's yours (and what does that say about you?)
2. It wasn't a compliment

rezzah1873d ago

Oversensulization? All given meaning, in this case you apply your own belief (your strong emotions) to the majority of the world. Can you even comprehend the possibility of cultures out there? Since when were you the voice of the world?

While you may scream your heart out about the word, it won't change the fact that the father in this story believes his child has been taken from him. It doesn't matter how you think the story should be told, as I've said before the suffering of two people (no matter how similar) is never equal.

If you want to argue about what words mean to different people then be prepared to live the rest of your life arguing.

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