Microsoft doesn't just want to buy developers, says Lionhead boss, because "that's the death knell"

Microsoft has sunk around one billion dollars into Xbox One games development, and a healthy chunk of that has gone towards acquiring development studios, such as Max and the Curse of Brotherhood developer Press Play, or founding studios, such as cloud gaming specialist Lift London. The manufacturer doesn't view an acquisition campaign as the safest way to consolidate its first-party line-up, however - according to Lionhead's creative director Gary Carr, it would rather developers approach it after completing "their journey".

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Andronix1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Rare created GoldenEye 64 and Perfect Dark. Every time they were making super classics. Just last week EDGE upgraded their Goldeneye score to a perfect 10. Then when Microsoft bought them how did they use that pool of talent? They got them making Kameo and f****ng avatar clothes. All the great staff left to go elsewhere.

But buying a developer can be done right and can be done wrong. Sony bought Naughty Dog but allow them to run as an independent team and this has led to Uncharted and the Last of Us. Also, forget the haters, but Bioware seem to still have kept their individual creative vision despite the EA buy out.

IcicleTrepan1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Kameo was an excellent game in its own right. The real squandering was putting them on Kinect title after Kinect title.

dirigiblebill1877d ago

It's a bit of a travesty what they did to Rare, for sure, but in fairness Rare's Kinect games were/are excellent. From the point of view of Kinect's growth as a platform, I suspect Microsoft considers this money well spent.

sonarus1877d ago

OH YES. Because obviously when you force kinnect on someone they will start to make great games automatically.

I don't know much about MS first party studios but i will say Sony's decision to purchase those 1st party studios after the great successes of PS1 and PS2 was probably the saving grace for PS3 because it guaranteed an excellent variety of quality games from various developers

Motorstorm and Little big planet devs were the two primary studios sony purchased last gen and now Motorstorm dev is working on drive club (which looks really meh compared to GT6 on PS3 or forza on xbox one). Guerilla games and Sucker punch are probably putting out the best looking next gen games right now.

I don;t know why but for Sony the decision has certainly benefited them while for MS not so much so their decision to not buy studios might not necessarily fit in with their strategy. However if sony had not invested in those studios games like God of war, uncharted, last of us, gran turismo, killzone, mlb the show and many more. Bungie leaving MS probably still stinging a little

Captain Qwark 91877d ago

nah man, the perception is that they got worse but the reality is, all you peeps whining havent even given their new games a chance. most of them are really good. kameo, viva, banjo, their kinect titles.....all are a ton of fun and pretty high quality.

now im not saying these games are as good as the classics like banjo, conker, donkey kong, etc but they are all at least worthy of an 8/10

HammadTheBeast1877d ago

The only reason those games are good is because of the old Rare stamp.

Now that most of the team has changed, they make terrible games.

All those games you listed are terrible in comparison to their old games.

Except Viva Pinata. That game was awesome with friends.

Andronix1877d ago

I did play a lot of the original Viva Piñata and really enjoyed it! It was effectively a strategy/God sim but with cute characters. I also played a little bit of Kinect Sports 1 at friends which was kinda fun but I haven't bought a Kinect camera of my own so I can't say about the other games out there.

I know some of the Microsoft Rare games were alright, but because of the nature of the titles they published such as Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Kameo, I suspect that they were directed to create only family-friendly games. Otherwise I'm sure the team would have wanted to create something a little bit more innovative or gritty.

Golden_Mud1877d ago

Most Bioware staff is back at Microsoft , they are now forming a studio called
Black Tusk Studios

GameCents1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Zipper and Liverpool (Psygnosis) may not share your views on SONY's studio management policy, they bought them, forced them to keep making unmarketable games then shut them down when the games didn't make enough money.

This applies more to Liverpool since they made great quality games but were forced to keep making Wipeout after wipeout only to be shut down.

RARE has fallen from grace, I'll give you that, but MS allowed them to make PD Zero, Kameo, Viva Pinata 1 and 2 and Banjo Nuts and Bolts before Kinect games. They gave them plenty of IP's to fiddle with and instead of shutting them down when they didn't make the financial breakaway successes, they kept going until they struck Kinect gold.

Bet the guys at Rare would rather keep doing Kinect than go the way of Zipper and Sony Liverpool.

HammadTheBeast1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I doubt it considering most of the old Rare team has quit lol.

I bet the rest are just wishing MS puts the studio out of its misery. If making Kinect games is similar to playing them, then idk how they can live with themselves.

Imalwaysright1877d ago

Yeah putting passionate devs making kinect games that will be rubbish because the device is fundamentally flawed... Yeah they sure struck gold

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1877d ago

"Sony bought Naughty Dog but allow them to run as an independent team and this has led to Uncharted and the Last of Us. "

What company give the freedom to make such a huge it called the last of us and then move on to something else with no sequel? Sony..

If it was EA the last of us 2 and dlc would have been announced already.

ThanatosDMC1877d ago

Dont forget the GOTY edition, Gold edition, Platinum Edition.... wait nvm, that's Capcom.

ElementX1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Yeah but lets take a look at Uncharted... 3 games on PS3, 2 on Vita, an old online game Drake's Trail, Eye of Indra an adventure series, a comic book series and a novel

ThanatosDMC1876d ago

^The problem is that the Uncharted franchise isnt milked or has committed suicide more than once.

3-4-51876d ago

EA usually only screws up the thing they control the most.

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OrangePowerz1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Most of that 1 billion went anyway to buying exclusive content and timed exlusive content. They should have invested that money long term iinto dev studios either creating new ones or buying some. Instead they use the money for short term gain.

They missed great opportunies in the past to aquire studios for long term gain like BioWare.

Golden_Mud1877d ago

Actually they invested a lot in 5 new studios , Press Play and Black Tusk Studios and more

GameCents1877d ago

I isn't here for the truth, I is here to make nonsense claims against Microsoft for the lulz and my queen Sony

the_espresso_kid1877d ago

they invested in five but can only name two.

Golden_Mud1875d ago

@the_espresso_kid , actually
* Black Tusk Studios
* Press Play
* Lift London
* Microsoft Studios Osaka
* Microsoft Studios Victoria

thetruthx11877d ago

5 new studios and 1,000,000,000 on exclusives not dlc or timed exclusives

Hicken1876d ago

You got a source for this claim of yours?

Microsoft has been noted as saying they spent a billion on games. It MIGHT have been exclusive game content. But that would INCLUDE timed exclusives and similarly timed DLC. And we're seeing lots of both those things.

Red_Devilz1877d ago

MS buys developers and F*ks them to death. Best example: RARE

Red_Devilz1877d ago

I couldn't have said better. So true. Thanks!

+1 bubb

Godmars2901877d ago

Isn't that all they've largely done? Thought with their wallet rather than any skill or talent they've had.

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