My Top Ten: Next Gen Console Features I Want

With the new generation of home consoles just over the horizon, I’ve been having a think about some of the less headline-grabbing features that I might want from a new machine.

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Prcko1927d ago

i want more gameplay!

adventureghost1241927d ago

Being completely honest this a really bad list, I agreed up until the part where it said "Fifa can remember my language" and put better graphics twice. "Demo featuring a running dinosaur?" and "release peace of mind?" come on...

Mikelarry1927d ago

yup the author is correct on the prices of digital games. its mind boggling how disk copies of games cost less than the digital copies and they want consumers to be willing to go digital

jackanderson19851927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

ah but then gamestop would get upset and throw a temper tantrum... digital games on the consoles are ridiculously overpriced which makes ya wonder if the publishers were all worried about trade-ins and what not why don't they just offer the digital versions for slightly cheaper than the retail versions because there would be lower cost in production (manuals, boxes and discs) and they wouldn't need to split some of the cost with the retailers and at the same time they'd eliminate the trade in market