Kamiya doesn't see Bayonetta 3 happening

Hidemi Kamiya shares his thoughts: if it was for him, Bayonetta 3 wouldn't happen.

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Imp0ssibl31878d ago

That sucks, but I would be more than happy to get Bayonetta 2 on Xbox and Playstation instead.

Alexious1878d ago

Make it for PC as well! We need more Asian games on PC.

tehpees31878d ago

Or you can just do what the rest of Bayonetta fans are doing and buy a Wii U. The future of the series depends on it.

If you REALLY care about the game you will do it.

Hanso1878d ago

the series has no future on the wiiu
The wonderfull 101 sold like 5000 units in its first week.
Nintendo fans only buy Mario,Zelda ect.

Misaka_x_Touma1878d ago


5k of 30k shipped and Only advertisement was TW101 Direct for Japan.

lilbroRx1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

@Hanso, Nintendo fans only buy great games that they are aware of.

Wonderful 101 had next to no promotion and only 30,000 copies were shipped. It wasn't suppose to sell Million. It wasn't even supposed to sale 50,000.

Only posting the number without the context paints a different picture from reality. Its an experimental franchise.

tehpees31878d ago

@ Hanso

The series has no future on other systems because nobody is willing to go through with it. Be grateful the game is happening. Without Wii U you can't play it at all.

_QQ_1878d ago

@ hanso, the game didn't have a future on ps3/360,because Nintendo had to save it, either buy a wiiu or get over it.

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ritsuka6661878d ago

I’m sorry but this doesn’t make the least bit of sense. The reason people are mad about Bayonetta 2 being on the WiiU is because they don’t want a WiiU right guys,right?

Roccetarius1878d ago

If Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 was released on the PC, oh man, the advantages that game could have.

reploidmega1878d ago

It isn't going to happen!
How many times does this have to be shot down before it's common knowledge, people?
This game isn't a timed exclusive. It's bought and paid for entirely by Nintendo.
It's a sequel that WOULD NOT EXIST without Nintendo's aid. KAMIYA HIMSELF HAS STATED THIS.

If you really like the game, then you'll all suck it up and become multiplatform gamers, like the thousands of Wii owners out there that adopted PS3's and X-Boxes for the great multiplat games that didn't hit the Wii.

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MilkMan1878d ago

What the dev said was spot on. And the fact that Platinum gets to create games from scratch is a rare commodity these games, with the virus of sequelitis all over the gaming industry.

leahcim1878d ago

Of course Bayo 2 will sell 90k in the best scenario...for being wiiU exclusive

Platinum is doing it so wrong they are working in a company with the perfect opposite kind of ideologies.

lilbroRx1878d ago

Bayonetta 2 may be the Wii U's first million seller because its the only 3rd party game being developed from the ground up for the console exclusively that people actually want.

Even some of the biggest Wii U detractors I personally know they would get one just for Bayonetta 2 and Smash Brothers.

Alexious1878d ago

Well, I agree that they could have sold a lot more if they went multiplatform. But clearly Nintendo gave them something to seal the deal.

_QQ_1878d ago

yeah they paid for it... why is this difficult for people to understand.

Concertoine1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Are you people even reading the article? He doesnt say anything from a financial perspective, just from a creative one. And he has a point, look at the 3rd installments of a lot of game/movie series and you'll see the 3rd one is often the worst.
That said i hope bayonetta 2 doesnt leave a cliffhanger or has a bad ending, i hope it ties everything up kind of like portal 2 did without a 3rd game.

_QQ_1878d ago

Its one reads the articles.

Alexious1878d ago

That seems a sad truth, indeed.

Roccetarius1878d ago

Games with 3 in the name often alienate fans of that game. That's not the game's fault, but more so the publisher / developer.

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