Should games be always-online?

As a new generation dawns, are the days of traditional single-player modes numbered?

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HolyDuck1929d ago

Depends on what the Devs are going for.

But, I really do think games that are Always Online, should be clearly marked on their box somewhere, so someone doesn't go unwittingly purchasing it without an internet connection.

jackanderson19851928d ago

they're usually marked quite clearly on the back of the box

kreate1928d ago

If there's no single player.
The game should have local co-op at least.

We should choose when we want to go online.

Games in general shouldn't be required to be 'always online'

GarrusVakarian1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

If a dev wants to make it that way then that's up to them but i don't ever see the singleplayer experience ever going anywhere. If all games were always online it would alienate alot of people.

HammadTheBeast1928d ago

I think they should be priced accordingly as well. If they're going for MP only, make it $40.

Warhawk on PS3 was MP only, $40 got you the game and a Bluetooth headset.

Fair pricing, they knew they were saving money from resources not spent on SP.

levian1928d ago

My thoughts exactly.

Certain games have a place in always online - CoD style multiplayer games and MMOs basically. My problem with online in games is when devs feel they NEED a multiplayer to keep gamers hooked, and cut the single player content in half to make it.

pyramidshead1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Ask us again in 2020, the answer will probably be yes.
But for now. Hell no.

GarrusVakarian1928d ago

Why would the answer be yes in 2020? There are always going to be people who want and prefer singleplayer, no matter what the year is, lol.

pyramidshead1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I was thinking in the situation where all games went always online for what ever reason, fibre roll out should (hopefully) be in full flux by 2020 so it wouldn't actually matter.

@Rusted, was just using my own ballpark, that's hopefully when I'll be fibre but who knows judging by BTs roll out plan.

Roccetarius1928d ago

Simple, and yet so true answer.

The only online-only games i'm playing, is pretty much MMO's.

Ratty1928d ago

There will always be a market for single player games.

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The story is too old to be commented.