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Ubisoft Montpellier has not turned thumbs all these years and suggests a new explosive Rayman, which delights our peepers stunning graphics and catchy melodies of our esgourdes. Plus, add to that a grip instinctive, fast and efficient, and you get a great platform game. So yes, the control Murphy requires a minimum of skill, but the player is quick gameplay, which does not prevent him from completing a level with panache.

Rayman Legends is an armored producing film and music references inserted with humor. Some Terminator and Cube it, the James Bond and Rocky Balboa, and there, and voila. It is also a return to Origins, a ton of psychedelic challenges, lots of unlockable characters, little monsters to collect ...

This second album is accessible to all and satisfy aficionados of the genre. Small downside to consider for hardcore gamers, the difficulty of the latter was weakened against the first episode, which happened to make us pull the hair at times. In conclusion, you like...

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