Thief steals more than £2,000 ($4,000) worth of console games

A thief stole more than £2,000 (US$4,000) worth of Nintendo Wii games from Tesco in Bexhill, East Sussex (UK).

James Hubbard, 27, was spotted putting the items in a box before walking out and making off in a car.
Prosecutor Mark Kateley said: "The defendant filled up the box with around 65 games worth just over £2,000.
"At some point he left the box in the store, went outside and spoke to another individual and went back inside.
"Later he left the shop with the box of items without paying for them."

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GODofDOOMS3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

wow East Sussex! that's where i live! i feel so proud... i might help out and find the thief *gets PP gun out*

wiizy3929d ago

even thief knows what sells.