Battlefield 4 visuals due to Frostbite 3 instead of next-gen horsepower

The superb visuals and effects in Battlefield 4 have more to do with the Frostbite 3 engine instead of next-generation horsepower, according to DICE executive producer Patrick Bach.

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ZainabSaccal1902d ago

I don't care how it looks on PC, I'll still be getting this on one of the next-gen consoles.

black0o1902d ago

DiCE shouldn't trick ppl like this, only 3% of PC gamers will get what they are showing so far, Consoles gamers on next-cur gen has no idea how the game looks on their console of choice
so does the average PC gamer on mid-high setting

I'll wait and see the final release trailer for BF4 running on ps4 before I preorder it or buy it

trafalger1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

battlefield 5 will look better on the xbone and ps4 than what battlefield 4 will. why? well it's because ea hasn't had devkits for that long and as they learn more about the hardware, the more they can push it. it happens in every generation and why games on the x360 and ps3 look better now than launch. even though battlefield has been around for many years battlefield 4 is still very much a launch game for the new hardware. the foundation looks very good so far, 60 frames per second and 64 players online.

games like forza 5 and killzone shadow fall will showcase what the new systems can do more so because they are internal studios who have had devkits earlier. but even those games wont show the true power of the systems because again we are in the early stages and they too will improve there game (no pun intended).

its also not really fair to compare a $400-$500 console to that of a pc system that is likely over $1,000 to build. these new consoles will be quite powerful but we have to put it all into context. they can mass-produce these consoles and sell them at a bit of a loss but they still won't be able to compete with the best of what pc can offer.

Rainstorm811902d ago

They did the same with BF3....all those Jay-Z commercials with the game running on High End PCs.... The console versions were nowhere near that level of resolution...

Even in the DLC on BF3 Premium on PS3/X360 they showed pictures of the PC version previewing the expansions

GodGinrai1902d ago

Its a catch 22 for them. they want to show off their game they way they intended..but the console versions will fall short visually. If they just showed off the console versions as early a the PC they would not have this peoblem. They went through the same thing with BF3.

MWong1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

@ trafalger
Got to agree with you, while the next-gen consoles are both starting to look more like mid-end PC's. You can't really compare a $500 pc build to a $1500 high-end pc. That's like comparing a Nissan Altima (270HP) to Nissan GTR (545HP).

I know what he is saying but,Patrick Bach is sounding a little cocky in this interview though. Yes FB3 is amazing and it's a power house game engine. However, saying the extra horsepower of the PS4/XBone didn't attribute to what we're seeing on next-gen and it's all FB3? Then we should be seeing 32v32 + Commander, 60fps and 720p minimum on both the PS3/XB360.

abzdine1902d ago

then release your freaking game on 3DS if console power has nothing to do with it.
they act like their game is the best thing ever made, well it just has average graphics

Kleptic1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

I think this article steers away from certain things...It seems like he is talking more about the 'core' of the visuals, and being because of the optimized engine, is still available on current gen consoles...obviously fidelity will be limited, but similar to BF3 on consoles, 'most' of what you see in terms of things happening...will make it to the ps3/360...

If you follow rendering engines, you have to see how frostbite 2 and 3 have been pretty impressive...not just in overall visuals...but in optimization...

I mean BF4 was showcased on very expensive machines for sure...but it was also rendered natively at 3k...for the general 1080p/60hz audience, you won't need even half of that...not to mention, the gpu's in those machines were AMD 7970s (2 of them iirc)...a nearly 2 year old card...

for comparisons sake...Crysis 3 can make a $1000 titan sweat...but isn't tangibly better looking at all...On the other hand, most reports are showing several ~$300 gpu's that will remain 60fps with nearly every setting maxed out on bf4...something CryEngine has NEVER figured out...

so, I don't really find this as arrogant...BF4 on any system will do multiplayer stuff that NO ONE else has come close to...

GamingTruth1902d ago

and yet trafalger i still am more blown away by ps4 graphics in exclusives than anything ive see on pc just like with ps3 to this day with exclusives

Gamer19821901d ago

"DiCE shouldn't trick ppl like this, only 3% of PC gamers will get what they are showing so far" oh really? I played BF3 on max on a £120 graphics card at release and I reckon it will be around the same for BF4 as they are really well made unlike crysis so you don't need a stupidly powerful PC to max the game out and make it look amazing. This is thanks to the engine and creators.

I would say more like 30% of PC gamers can play this game and make it look as good if not better than nex gen consoles. My current PC blows nex gen away and will all through the 10 years there out with haswell i5 and 7970. I currently run BF3 at 1080P at 120FPS. I don't expect BF4 to demand much more than 3.

And considering the devs have already said this game has had to be cut to work at a steady framerate at 1080p on new consoles I wouldn't be surprised if you only see a locked 30fps on xbone and ps4. That's a huge difference.

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jlo1902d ago ShowReplies(1)
JsonHenry1902d ago

I don't think anyone buys a console expecting it to be high end PC level. Not even when the consoles first launch. However I am sure the game will look great and play great on the new consoles. I will be getting it for both PC and PS4 so I can play with family. I am excited about using the PS4 controller to lean. I know this sounds petty but I think it will change how the game is played. And of course I am looking forward to playing it on my PC because the game is jaw dropping on ultra settings. (assuming it looks as good or better than BF3 on ultra settings)

GamingTruth1902d ago

love your agrees but high end pc level must not be much ps4 and ps3 exclusives are blowing anything ive seen on pc away so yeah the consoles wont be pc level like wii u

JsonHenry1902d ago

Can't tell if serious or just trolling..

KongRudi1902d ago

Why not get it for PS3 or 360?
Afterall, it will look just as good there as on PS4, Xbone and PC. :-/

The superb visuals have more to do with the game-engine, than with the consoles horsepower, according to Dice's Patrick Bach.

ShutUpDonny1902d ago

You are right, IF BF4 is the only reason you buy a next-gen console. But if you are going to buy it anyway, why not getting the better version ? And imagine playing THAT via remote play on the Vita... Another reason to have a boner in bed.

MWong1902d ago

@ Donny
You didn't get what he was trying to do there lol.

3-4-51902d ago

The fist games on consoles NEVER look the best, it's always the next 3-6 years worth of games that have improved visuals.

It takes time to master something.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1902d ago

I am getting pc version not for graphics but well this whople controller thing is just ugh..

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oh really, so I can expect the same visuals on my 360 then...

ya right

Rainstorm811902d ago

Lol i was coming in here to say the same thing after reading the headline.

Okay EA we get it frostbite 3 is powerful but BF4 isnt the MOST visually stunning 'next-gen' launch game so maybe you guys should start trying to tap into Next-gen power and not rest on you own engine only.

GarrusVakarian1902d ago

I think ill be having too much fun to notice jaggies on a leaf on the floor, or a slightly low res texture on a handlebar of a quad.

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Ingram1902d ago

And that absurd statement is why executive producers are merely people with money and not real programmers-.

pandehz1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Every time you crave graphics, just look out the window.

I'm a pc gamer and I will also play it on medium to high settings. No big deal lol.

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