Microsoft points to all-in-one nature of Xbox One in price debate

"Price is important. There's no doubt about that."

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ABeastNamedTariq1928d ago

But the PS4 is just as "All-in-one". It's just not the forefront/selling point of the system. Games are.

Stuntz1928d ago

sadly PS4 is apparently for games but X1 is demolishing them in the game department lol.

Quicktopick1928d ago

demolishing? keep dreaming bro

porkChop1928d ago

Oh, really? And how do you figure that? The launch exclusives are completely different for the most part and really can't be compared due to different styles and genres. Neither launch is better than the other, they're too different with the exception of the multiplats which are obviously on both.

VforVideogames1928d ago

Now that's a lie, the XBOX-1 has the best launch games line up ever, so yes XBOX-1 its crushing the ps4 on the games department.

SCW19821928d ago

Wow some people. You are literally taking it up the backside for a company who abandoned you in the games department 3 years ago. Meanwhile we are playing last of Us we will be playing beyond two souls, puppeteer, gran turismo, and ratchet and clank all on our PS3. Than lets not even mention the fact that Sony doesn't have to blow there load all in one sitting. We have games right now, we will have more games in the future and our exclusives will continue to win GOTY while you bend over to a company that has abandoned you with two consoles and will abandon you in the future. You should try standing up for yourself instead of being Microsofts personal doormat labeled bitch.

TheSsus1928d ago

How so? Honestly, can you provide a serious answer? Try to not look like a moron though...

AzureskyZ1928d ago

I hope you arent talking about titanfall cause thats the only worth while title i saw on xbox one and its not even launching with the system.

* I hated Dead rising 2 so 3 isnt even on my radar
* Ryse looks dumb as hell
* Forza is cool though-- i enjoy car games so 1
* Killer instinct is being developed by double helix plus its f2p model... ugh why.
so yeah 1 game i would buy at launch...
ps4 exclusives has
* Drive Club -- look at Forza .. enjoy car games
* Killzone besides titan fall it was the next best looking fps and its a launch title.
* Knack ... ill pass
*War Thunder looks pretty good but not sure about f2p model on it.
*Blacklight looks good but once again F2P
--- I would say the launch is about even maybe a little tilt to the ps4 side... besides i dont have to purchase a spycam if i dont want it.. 100 bucks less to boot.

HammadTheBeast1928d ago

Titanfall is the only appealing game I've seen so far, it's not even launch though.

Meanwhile, we have Knack, Driveclub, KZ:Shadowfall, (Planetside 2, Blacklight, F2P etc.), indies (tons of major ones, including Resogun, RIME etc), AND what people are forgetting, INFAMOUS IS LAUNCH WINDOW, SO EARLY NEXT YEAR.


RyuCloudStrife1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Please do tell more oh wise one! And please do pass the joint, please!!

NateCole1928d ago

Yeah like the x360 demolishing the PS3 right?. lol!

MysticStrummer1928d ago

"Now that's a lie, the XBOX-1 has the best launch games line up ever, so yes XBOX-1 its crushing the ps4 on the games department."

Who has the best games is subjective.

The lie is this "All in One" marketing BS. It can't possibly be all in one if you have to attach another device, such as a cable box.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31927d ago

Hammad, you say the only interesting game for XB1 is Titanfall and then you sound off with Knack? Please GTFO...

kenshiro1001927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Please tell me that's sarcasm. The last thing I heard, Sony made Microsoft look like amateurs since E3 and their press conference.

And WrAiTh Sp3cTr3, you didn't exactly give an argument to refute what Hammad just said. Why tell him to gtfo when you can't even come up with an intelligent debate?

Guess what? I think Titanfall and Killer Instinct are interesting but Microsoft still hasn't convinced me to get their next gen console. If anything, Sony's making all the right moves so I'm going with the PS4 first.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Why would I have to? The only thing I feed a troll is a good 'ol dose of GTFO. When I come into a Xbox article I don't want to hear or see anything about another console. Anyone bringing up another console is just showing their insecurities.

solidjun51927d ago

I'm noticing an increasing in these "new accounts" for the purpose of trolling.

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Stuntz1928d ago

pleas enlighten me you literally only have infamous.. X1 DR3, TitanFall, Quantum Break, Halo, Ryse, Project Spark, KI, please tell me what they have compared in games? Ill wait for a few to laugh at your responses.. o yea i forgot you got indies that nobody cares about lol

Whitey2k1928d ago

U fool same crap with god of war clone driveclub that looks better then forza and a few games that runs 1080 60fps that hasnt got bake lighting and for that natter whats going to happen after the launch same crappy timed dlc

ABeastNamedTariq1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

You be trollin, lol. But I'll bite.

"pleas enlighten me you literally only have infamous.. X1 DR3, TitanFall, Quantum Break, Halo, Ryse, Project Spark, KI, please tell me what they have compared in games?"

You're friggin silly, just because MS announced their entire game lineup for the first year, while Sony has barely begun to, does not mean they have no games.

I'm glad you can pretend that Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Quantic Dream, MM, Team Ico, Ready at Dawn (who is making The Order, one of the best looking next gen games, like damn it looks like CGI), and more don't exist. Live in your bubble and cover your ears, because when Sony drops bombs, they're megatons.

porkChop1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Titanfall, Quantum Break, Halo, and Project Spark are not launch titles. They won't be out until later next year. Project Spark and Titanfall aren't even Xbox One exclusives considering both will also be available on 360, and PC as well for Titanfall. It's pretty sad when you have to pad your "exclusives" list with multiplat games.

Nice try though.

AzureskyZ1928d ago

Well if you gonna bring out titles thats not releasing at launch yet--- lets look at the possibilities-- Naughty dog next gen title,Infamous, Quantic dream next title, level 5 jrpg, killzone, santa monica title, order 1886, Gran turismo, everquest, Maybe Team ICO title, media molecule title, driveclub---- plus francises that could be continuing next gen...uncharted, god of war, tlou, mlb the show... i could play this game too. Out of the xbox games titanfall is the best but then again it will eventually release on ps, besides i can play on my pc.

Clarence1928d ago

Half the games you named aren't even release titles. Please enlighten me when the release date is for these games. Please enlighten me when the Xbox 1 will be released.

Deadpoolio1928d ago

LOL why the hell are you naming games that aren't even launch titles...Halo is probably 2015...There was literally nothing but a cgi made, quantum break is summer or fall 2014 and Titanfall again is summer 2014.....You literally have 4 games....DR3 at 15fps, Ki with Pay model, Ryse lol a upscaled Kinect game and Forza an incomplete have to download half your game...LOL keep dreaming that it has a better launch line up

kenshiro1001927d ago

Did you just say that Sony only has Infamous? Wow, you're on a roll with that sarcasm./s

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Stuntz1928d ago

o and i also forgot to mention Forza, ALSO XBL compared to PSN/PS+ is comparing a buick to a lambo. I had a PS3 and 360 PSN blows, Downloads take way longer, online play sucks, Also XBL is gonna be running 300,00 servers while PSN is what 15,000? what a joke

porkChop1928d ago

300,000 virtual servers means jack shit. I can run 10,000 virtual servers off of my PC and guess what? They'd all be horrible. When/if Microsoft announces how many PHYSICAL servers they have, you come let me know.

HammadTheBeast1928d ago

MS owns 300 k servers. You must be a retard to believe they'll let the Xbox division alone use all of them.

I'm guessing 50 k Max for Xbox division, Windows probably needs 100 k on it's own, BING probably needs some, and then the rest of the shit MS has.

AzureskyZ1928d ago

Yeah lets pretend you actually have a ps3 and know what your are talking about <not>--- the joke is you dude-- apparently you and other morons here think 300k servers is only for gaming-- news flash its for all ms products that uses cloud-- as one already said virtualization is a huge chunk and mesh topology for enterprise level redundancy is also gonna take a chunk-- you know that sony purchased a specialized clouding service company to support gaming and other apps as well-- ms is late to cloud game not the other way around dumbass.

Deadpoolio1928d ago

LMAO you know those servers are shared with EVERY windows device right...Not just XBL so minus a chunk for Windows 8 a chunk for Games for Windows, a chunk for the marketplace...

And they have already stated several times NOT every game will have dedicated servers the publishers have to pay for them

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JokesOnYou1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Yep X1 has the best games, best online with dedicated servers/cloud, best online community with live improved matching making and player feedback ratings, now the best in game points system which micro introduced with 360 achievements are even better with new rewards system, best controller with wifi direct/rumble triggers, best headset with improved sound quality included in the box, PLUS most advanced motion camera that retails for $400 standalone included in the box AND it has the best media integration with HDMI IN and the 3 OS design so that you can snap back and forth quickly between gaming and tv/media, ability for any X1 to become a dev kit/self publish= All In One and so its easily the best value.

So with all this gaming greatness plus micros ability to continue to adapt and improve a already superb console and deep pockets to bring hot devs over to Xbox its a bright future for X1.

Xbox One Day One...I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas again.

stuna11927d ago

Only to find out when you wake up, and go downstairs to open your presents, that the grinch has already been there!

The games, the features, and the hardware are all subjective dependant on each gamers taste.

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matrixman921928d ago

i miss microsoft points...they occasionally went on sale, real currency does not

porkChop1928d ago

But it isn't all-in-one. If you want to use the TV features you have to have a cable box plugged in through HDMI. The console needs other devices plugged into it in order to use all of its features. Hell, Kinect isn't even built in, it needs a separate cable plugged in.

AceBlazer131928d ago

lol my tv is all in one. it can play ps3,pc,360,...etc so long as i plug them in

HammadTheBeast1928d ago

Also, 90% of HD TV's have more than 2 HDMI ports. So TV's are all-in-one aleady.

Deadpoolio1928d ago

And knowing they had a 55% failure rate with the 360 and the rumors that the One80 is having the same sort of problem with the eSRAM frying the console, what moron would actually leave their One80 on while they watched Tv LOL...Thats basically leaving your heatbox on 24/7

Enemy1928d ago

It is all in one. All in one terrible console.

CrimsonStar1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Dude wtf happened to you ? You used to be some what of an unbiased commenter , and now you're just going full on fanboy. Its pathetic . Maybe your next post will have some structured criticism or valid points , rather than just childish anti MS accusations .

sincitysir11928d ago

Don't be upset that's he's your enemy now! See what i did there? ;)

Hicken1927d ago

You know, after a while, people get tired of having well-structured criticisms, only to be called fanboys who are just looking for something to complain about and never had any interest in buying anyway.

There's only so much of that you can deal with before you just say "Screw it, Microsoft sucks."

And painfully few of the MS supporters come back with valid points. At best, they give Microsoft an advantage subjectively(which is a wash, since the same can be said on both sides), and disregard all the OBJECTIVE advantages Sony has. Or they bring up financials and net worth, as if every penny Microsoft makes will be available to the Xbox division.

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