Internets hilarious response to the Nintendo 2DS

Rice Digital has compiled a gallery of the best spoof images of the newly announced Nintendo 2DS.

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Patashnik1929d ago

Ha, some of those were pretty funny! :)

RexFury1929d ago

As hilarous as those pictures are, I still think quite a few people are actually missing the point of the 2DS. I know quite a few people who won't buy their child a 3DS as it is even suggest by Nintendo that under-7's should not use the 3D function.

People can say "just turn the 3D off" well the child will just turn it back on again...I know I would have.

BTW. This comment is not really aimed directly to this article, as I know this is just done for laughs.

assassin2k1929d ago

Yep you're right. Plus there is a small market of people (like me) who can't view 3D anyway. And just turn the 3D off works but fact is you're paying for a feature to not be used. This has rectified that.

ben_jamin01929d ago

This is true and I completely agree, the 2DS has a very specific target audience and I think they have catered to that audience very well with this console.

However... It is pretty ugly so its fun to make fun of it :P

RexFury1929d ago

To be completely honest. I very rarely use the 3D on my XL. The sweetspot is too tight for my liking and when playing Donkey Kong Country Returns, I was getting some slowdown with the 3D on...but was fine with it off.

It was a fun gimmick at the start, but I don't really care about it anymore, I just find it a nuisance to keep completely still to get the full effect. Especially when I am fidgety.

ben_jamin01929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

double post

galgor1929d ago

Why not just make a parental control feature on the current 3ds to disable 3d no matter what? Or is that too convulute for the general public to take in & just make this monstrosity instead?!

RexFury1929d ago

There is a parental control function in near enough everything today..including Xbox 360 and PS3. A lot of parents, especially the elder ones, are not able to use gadgets..let alone setup parental controls.

klecser1929d ago

You haven't actually read any of the release articles apparently. This isn't just about 3D/2D. Nintendo is marketing a profitable lower price point targeted at a younger market. A lot of parents won't drop 200+ on a game system for Christmas, but they will consider 130. Youu realize that game companies are businesses, right? They're there to make money.

Heck, the Vita is a fine system...but it isn't marketed to me. Neither is the PS3, or 4. I'm not interested in fighting or gore or guns. If you are, great. But just because a dufferent demographic from you exists doesn't mean that a company should only focus on your demographic exclusively.

The only thing product releases like this reveal on the internet is how thick gamers are on business strategy and how selfish they are about their needs. It has been a hilarious few days.

mcstorm1928d ago

@RexFury your spot on. Nintendo know there is still people out there that wont get a 3ds for there kids some because of the rubbish that went around about making kids eyes bad if they use 3d. There is also a market there for people who cant see 3d because of a problem with there eyes ect. Also making it a lower price device to will help pickup extra sales.

As long as Nintendo can market it right on that it is a 3DS without the 3D it should do ok.

raWfodog1928d ago

I bought the 3DS's for my 3 kids thinking that they would love the 3D feature and they did...for about 10 minutes. After that, they kept it turned off and said that they liked the 'regular' way better :)

Vanfernal1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

The 3DS has a parental lock which disables the 3D completely. Unless the child knows the code they can't just turn it back on...

Btw not disagreeing with you, just saying. As for the 2DS... I think a budget 3DS without the 3D gimmick is a great idea. However I can't say I like the execution. I know it's just one screen that simulates dual screens in order to lower production costs... But the 2DS looks awfully bulky. Part of the appeal of taking a 3DS on the go over say a PS Vita is that it folds and fits neatly on your pocket, whereas the Vita has to be kept in a carrying case in order to avoid damage to the screen, the analogs, etc. This kind of defeats the portability Nintendo has been known for since the GBA SP.

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assassin2k1929d ago

That's frigging awesome.

silvacrest1929d ago

the last image looks like a more legit product then the real thing

g-nome1929d ago

My daughter always switches off the 3d , me ... i like it.

raWfodog1928d ago

Same here, my kids keep it turned off. They don't like it.

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