Logitech Interview with Christopher Pate

Logitech recently announced the Driving Force GT, the official steering wheel of Gran Turismo, for PlayStation 3 and were able to get in touch with Christopher Pate, Gaming Product Marketing Manager for Logitech, to answer a few questions about the Driving Force GT and other Logitech products for game consoles and computers.

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boodybandit3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

compares to their G25 force feedback wheel that is compatible with the PS2 and PS3? I was thinking of picking up a G25 but this new wheel from them is half the price.

I just picked up a Logitech (M/K) MX5500 for the PS3. It works flawlessly for UT3. Logitech makes high quality products.

Edit: @Sonarus. I just did a quick search on this Force GT and learned it didn't have a clutch pedal. That is disappointing. It makes the decision even harder now because of the features this one does have over the G25 but the lack of the clutch pedal is a huge strike against it for me. I feel it will take away from the immersion level the G25 offers over it.

There is also the Fanatec 911 to consider though. I dug that up while researching the Force GT. That might have all the bells and whistles of the GT and it also has a clutch pedal, but it also carries the steepest price tag of them all.

sonarus3930d ago

This one is better because of the quick tune option however, it doesn't seem to have a clutch:(

iheartSONY3930d ago

Im BROKE! I might have enough money to buy GTP but I sure dont have enough to buy this wheel. Unless they take I.O.U.

micro_invader3930d ago

I'll probably get a G25 when the full version of gt releases, not getting prolouge since I'm kinda broke right now :p

level 3603929d ago

Got a G25 and works really well in manual ( using the 6 gears, 5 on some small eceon-racers ) for GranTurismo 5: Prologue. But if you want quicker shifts, set it to auto and just race.
Force feedback on the G25's are awesome as well. Especially when playing Formula One game and GranTurismo HD, Prologue.
Also the look and build of the G25 is more realistic and very sturdy - choice of manual ( 6 gears ) and sequential ( F1 type pull/push ) are there --- metal, high quality plastics are used which is why it's more expensive.

With this Driving Force GT it only works as sequential ( pull/up, push/down which is the correct way - like any F1 gear lever, thus there is no need for a clutch. ) quicker to use for on-line races especially.

The real main feature though for this wheel is the so-called "real-time adjustment dial settings" { in red } 12 more adjustments than G25. Plus it is cheaper.

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