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VideoGamer: "It's been the standard for online shooters for decades. When the match timer expires or mission parameters are met, the game will come to an abrupt close, flashing up a screen of the final scores or, if you're really lucky, displaying a short cutscene of the loser's base exploding in a shower of flames. Exciting? Absolutely not."

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NeutralXP1878d ago

Only on the greatest console of all time Xbox One bring on with visuals and game play out this world ..with the awesome power of the cloud

Septic1878d ago

"Once the battle is over, Respawn's great white hope seamlessly enters into an 'epilogue' state, a short post-match event that sees the losing team evacuating to their dropship and the winners attempting to hunt them down. Kill anybody on the losing team and you'll earn a considerable amount of XP."

THIS IS GENIUS! Haha can you imagine the losers running off to get off to the drop-ship and the winners chasing them down, fresh after their victory? Lol I'm so excited about this!

3-4-51878d ago

This is a cool little feature.

I really Hope Titanfall makes it's way to PS4.