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Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"Most of my concerns over Knack melted away when I got the chance to play the PlayStation 4 exclusive action platformer at E3 earlier this year, following on from its announcement earlier than that with the reveal of Sony’s newest home console.

One major worry remained, however, and that was the level of interaction and complexity that was on display during the playable demo: The environments, while amazingly colourful and detailed, were extraordinarily linear and beating up baddies and collecting goodies was limited to a few mashes of the controller’s face buttons."

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sincitysir11876d ago

Hopefully the powers add some pazazz

OliverKO1876d ago

Hope so too - it seems like such a fantastic game, but rather empty, gameplay-wise. Great for family fun and young children, but I want more from it. Maybe the gadgets will also help with the depth.

sincitysir11876d ago

Exactly! It doesn't seem to have those rich vibrant filled worlds like ratchet and clank or even jak and daxter! I really want to love this game!