1 Hour of Battlefield 4 Gameplay

Jackfrags (British youtuber) has just released glorious high definition footage of the Battlefield 4 multiplayer demo at Gamescom 2013

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3-4-51878d ago

I don't want to watch. Games I KNOW I'm going to buy I need to keep the info too a minimum.

I want these maps to feel as fresh as possible, like the first time you played Stack on Golden eye 007.

CocoWolfie1878d ago

hoping for some maps at night, itll be interesting to see how the lighting works from flashlights and weapon fire :)

Parasyte1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

They've said there won't be any night maps because players complained of it being too hard to see people. :/

ginsunuva1878d ago

That's what makes it fun.

People are babies who want to stick to the same thing for years on end.

DICE shouldn't listen to a couple of whiners on message boards nitpicking.

MidnytRain1878d ago

Totally. Didn't BFBC2 have night maps? Those were cool.

pandehz1878d ago

Dam that water is sick

DFray9191878d ago

i seen enough from this game!!!!! now i want to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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