PS3′s PlayStation Home Goes the Way of the Dodo in Japan and Asia

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just announced with a sudden press release that delivery of new content in the Japanese and Asian versions of PS3′s social virtual world PlayStation Home will cease in September.

This is in preparation for the full termination of the service in the region, that will happen in March 2014.

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AceBlazer131880d ago

Will this also take place in other regions? I don't really care much for home but with my pc down without a repair in the near seeable future home is the only way I can see these game events

abzdine1880d ago

Home was so promising when they first announced it. They could have made it way more addictive if they have made more value like trophies trade ins and stuff like that.
i still hope the service will continue exsiting, they just have to have a dedicated team who only works on Home.

Mounce1879d ago

Hopefully they're doing this only so that they can put more effort into transitioning PS3's Home and its content into 'PS4's' Home. I can't see them abandoning Home, it gave Sony literal profit, the only thing holding it back was the hardware, and when I say that I mean...

FUCKING GOD DAMN LOAD TIMES WERE SLOW AS HELL! The RAM limited the amount of multitasking you could do in that 'App/Game' by a LOT. It would NOT be a problem on PS4 with 8GB GDDR5 At ALL. Even on Fibe I'd log on to Home, it'd take 5-10 minutes, then wait for the scenery to load, the people who're Bubbles to load, my inventory to fully load and changing clothing was slow....It has potential, always will, just as Second Life remains prosperous after so long even if it's weird to all hell and full of trolls and furries.

Thantalas1880d ago

Does anybody know if Home is being retired or relaunched on PlayStation 4?
The junior insiders I've spoken to just don't seem to know.

Abriael1880d ago

not a breath has been said about that.

FamilyGuy1879d ago

Jack said that they aren't talking about Home yet.
This seems to point to a negative sign though.

sonarus1880d ago

Oh wow. I completely forgot home even existed

tudors1880d ago

WTF my kids spent a small fortune on HOME!!!!!!

tudors1880d ago

Why the disagrees, if they close Home my kids loose all the stuff they paid for.

FunAndGun1880d ago

*all the stuff YOU paid for. :)

Sarobi1880d ago

I guess this is a sign of things to come to PS Home in general (all regions).. which kind of sucks. Despite Home not being the major feature Sony was hyping it up to be, it sure was a wild ride. I remember when the closed beta started and EVERYONE wanted in.. if you was in it, you were like a GOD on PlayStation or something. Once everyone got in the hype faded in no time, lol.

NBT911880d ago

Yep. I saw someone on my friends list on it not long after it was announced and since I am basically the most evil man who ever lived, I HAD to get in on it..

Spoiler alert, I got in... And got banned from PSN the next day for three weeks because of it... In retrospect that probably wasn't worth it but I felt invincible at the time.

1880d ago
hiredhelp1880d ago

Dont get rid Home i hope it cars on to PS4 i loved chillin out in Home.
Doing the dance moves getting others join in while dressed in a costume as a lobster or rabbit for the girls.

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The story is too old to be commented.