Knack inspired by Crash Bandicoot, easy mode designed to be someone’s “first game”

SCE Japan Studio created a triple-sized Dual Shock 4 when designing Knack to get the feel for how it might feel to a child; just one of a number of interesting anecdotes from this developer diary.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1928d ago

The gameplay reminds me so much of Crash Bandicoot.
Haters are gonna hate but if you enjoyed playing crash and you want a piece of those kind of games again, then Knack looks to be the game for you.

pedrof931928d ago

Cerny said that this game on HARD, really means ON HARD.

This game seems a good platformer. This is AAA game that doesn't go bum-bum,bloody or vroom-vroom. Its been a while since we had a game like this.

I miss Spyro and Jak.

HarryMasonHerpderp1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Yeah apparently a few people were struggling with the game when doing previews because it was too hard. Sounds like the different difficulty levels make a lot of difference gameplay wise.
Which is great for more hardcore players that want to try this game.

JsonHenry1928d ago

I can't wait to watch my kids play this game. Glad to see there is an easy enough mode for them to play so I don't hear "daddy help me!" every 15 minutes.

truechainz1928d ago

Game looks really good and I will enjoy it, but personally I would prefer if it were actually a new good crash bandicoot game.

Tontus1928d ago

Crash Bandicoot + God of War = Knack.

Awesome combination for what will hopefully be a great game.