Nintendo Has Been Killing It When It Comes To Box Art

MasonicGamer: So I finally got my copy of The Wonderful 101 today and I thought to myself as I looked at the cover, “damn Nintendo, that’s an explosion of awesomeness“. After finishing my first session with the game I put the disc back in the case and placed it alongside Pikmin 3 which I also recall looking pretty cool too. It was at this point that I decided to search the internet and take at look at some recent Nintendo box art from the past year, my findings were very colourful to say the least.

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falcon971876d ago

Best box art end of.....

3-4-51876d ago

Nintendo almost always has amazing or really good box art.

This is the reason the Wind Waker HD & ALTTP2 box art bothers me.

Human eyes can see over 5 million colors, and they cover the entire thing in gold, yet other countries get colors.

What a joke.

kirbyu1876d ago

Zelda box arts are always gold. It's a reference to the gold cartridges of the NES games.

Tiqila1876d ago

mario and luigi dream team boxart is lame

TheEvilWithin1876d ago

That's one of my favorite things about the Wii U cases. The color and box art looks awesome. Kind of bummed about getting the gold cover Zelda Wind Waker over the colored case... but oh well still getting it! lol

andrewer1876d ago

It makes me want to get the physical game, not just download it.

jakmckratos1876d ago

Nintendo has been killing it in terms of most content rich games too..and that's coming from a Playstation fanboy

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