Arc System Works’ PS Vita Exclusive Tsukie Gakuen -Kou- Gets First Trailer

Arc System Works just released a new trailer of its upcoming PS Vita exclusive visual novel Tsukie Gakuen -Kou-, that will be released in Japan on October the 10th.

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dcj05241874d ago

Coming in North Americ 2015!


I hope this gets localized ASAP ( With good english voice actors)

savaroth1874d ago

Odds are not good, but I'd be very happy with a western release.

nick3091874d ago

Great, vita becomes a visual novel device, but we wont get these games or maybe inyears

dcj05241874d ago

1game makes it a visual novel device.


And a PS4 is a 3D Platformer device because it has Knack.

nick3091874d ago

Theres at least 1 more from the guys who made blazblue.. Forgot its name lol, japan only, then theres conception 2, i think theres more but i didnt check.

Abriael1874d ago

@nick309: conception 2 is a JRPG.

Th4Freak1874d ago

There are 15 visual novels until now and im sure im missing some.

Inception1874d ago

DanganRonpa is a visual novel and Virtue Last Escape also a visual novel. Not to mention you can buy Corpse Party 1 & 2 and Disgaea Infinite (both of them are visual novel) from PSP for Vita.

But somehow i'm sure this and XBlaze (also from ArcSystemWork) will come to the west.